stretta patches with autoconfig

  • @ loop party
    @ stretta

    Could you be so kind to share the stretta patches with the autoconfig?
    we will appriciate a lot.
    Thanks in advance, I am a not very good at M4L, and you guys are so good.
    I would like to thank you once again for your wonderful effort and professionalism.
    all the best

  • i'm waiting for stretta to add +1 to this discussion.

    also isn't there a video that shows you how to do it...?

  • +1 If someone already has this, and makes it available to others it is fine.

  • thanks are the best

  • >thanks are the best


    Okay dudes, I can do this for y'all. Give me a few days, cause i'm also working on MonoRoute Beta 4 (code name: Giant Squid) right now...

  • @stretta
    This is really just a confirmation of how important the apps that you create are to the community.

    a personal thanks as well. cheers.

  • yes, thanks from here too

  • @ loopparty

    I'm glad to hear you're ok to do it :)
    I don't own a monome, just a launchpad, but i can say that autoconfig is changing our workflow a lot.
    Soundflower just released a monomeEmu using autoconfig up to 6 LAUNCHPAD, MULTIsize, multi assignations, etc.....
    a crazy m4l tool for launchpad users.

    That monome community is just awesome.

  • @ everyone

    you are a such great community, I am so glad I am in.

    @ stretta, @ loopparty

    I totally agree with barjnone, you guys are very important people (VIP) to this community.
    thanks very very much indeed.

  • @everybody

    Hey ya'll.... I just finished making AutoConfig versions of Stretta's suite...

    I'll test them tomorrow and upload them.

  • @looppart

    You rock! Thank You!

  • thanks loopparty !

  • Gentlemen, loopparty can rebuild them. He has the technology. He has the capability to build the world's awesomest Giant Squid. Autoconfig Beta 4 will be that Giant Squid. loopparty can make it better than it was before. Better, squishier, convenienter.

  • @papertiger

    Squishiness is, of course, the most important thing. So I put extra of that :)

  • @ loopparty

    you made me a very happy man.
    I hope one day I can return the favour.
    thank you !

  • @ loopparty

    ANy chance to send your autoconfig versions ?
    can't wait!

  • yeah, bated breath here, too many interesting devices that don't quite work well or together...

  • Okay gang, sorry for the delay... it's been a busy week.

    I've attached a zip of stretta's apps with AutoConfig built into them. I added in the installation instructions in the readme.rtf. All credit should go to Stretta for these apps. If I screwed anything up in the conversion, or something isn't working right, please post the details...

    A heads up also that Beta 4 of MonoRoute will be out very soon. I have fixed a lot of little bugs from Beta 3 and added some big new shiny features.... So stay tuned...

  • Yes, thanks loopparty!!
    You re making some m4l dummies really happy!!!

  • downloading now... will give them a test drive today


  • @loopparty

    Great, I will download it soon and give a try tomorrow.
    Thank you very much indeed .
    I am really thankful

  • @loopparty

    Yeah seriously, thank you guys so much for all of your hard work and contributions. You guys have inspired my music and creative endeavors endlessly. Rock on guys!

  • @ loopparty

    Thanks again

  • yeees, thank you!

  • This... is... AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
    I dreamed of my ideal Live setup, and you fine FINE people just went ahead and made it. Thank you!!! And it works too!!!
    My goal is good live techno music, and monomemu, Stretta's apps (I've only ran OBO so far, on my launchpad, it's sweeeet), and the work ya'll've done to evolve the m4l plug ins to work with the launchpad, have made achieving my goal a reality. One step closer to transforming from a record-slinging dj to a live techno show. Thanks again, and big ups from Salt Lake City!

  • will try this, big thanks

  • Hi all,

    I discovered a super tiny bug in press cafe:
    when you change the note number of the left most track, the note velocity changes automatically with it. So higher notes lead to higher velocities and so on.

    Of course you can change it back manually but when midi mapped, it can become a little annoying.

    Just wanted to mention it.


  • i'm having an odd problem with the autoconfig versions of the stretta suite apps that have been linked in this thread. when I drag and drop them into my live library to install, then open them in live, they try to connect to "jimi's computer" (loop party....). i have no idea how to tell it to use my computer as the host. . .

    strangely, if i load loopparty's boiinng (!) at the same time as one of these versions of the stretta suite apps, the app that was previously trying to resolve jimi's computer as the host identifies my computer.

    is there some initialization setting in the stretta suite autoconfigs that I can tweak? am I the only one with this problem?

    thanks in advance!


  • it's working after following the directions to get the oscbonjour folder and dragging that into the Max 5 patches folder.

    what seems weird is that the autoconfig in m4l boiingg worked just fine without that oscbonjour folder being present. . . either way -- problem solved!

  • thank you!