"...like an LED display for a bus.."

  • A brief article about me clinging to life and the monome.


    - c

  • A nice story chad. I would love to hear some of your newer stuff (ie. the music for the play and the score-like stuff you've been working on) Could you link to it?

    Regarding near death experiences: the story kept making me think of this interview I heard on NPR with the late Les Paul. He had been in a horrible car accident and lived in a full body cast for two years. He had an album that he started recording at the time of the accident but held off on the melody lines because he didn't feel like he was ready. So he ended up playing the melody lines with his guitar laying on a table with like two fingers and a thumb. The big impression he left with me was that he was an unwavering optimist. He looked at the guitar with the perspective that nobody could write a book on a right way to play it. You just work with what you've got. In his later years he got arthritis and similarly played it with whatever fingers still worked. Learning it all over again.

    Not sure how it relates but it's a great story and I enjoy any opportunity to share it.