Line 6 FM4 Filter Modeler - Play synth sounds with guitar or voice

  • I recently got the Line 6 M9 which includes the FM4 amongst several others, so this one is going on Ebay.

    Included in this auction:

    - A perfectly functioning Line 6 FM4 in excellent condition
    - AC adapter -Line 6 normally does not include an AC Adapter with this product but I’ve included in this auction! (A $30 value)

    Direct any questions to mkunoff


  • Nice, I just got the m13 a month ago, freakin' awesome. Trying to hunt down a MIDI to USB so I can download the latest update, which is harder to find in my town than one might think!

    How do you like it? I absolutely love mine, so much fun.

  • Totally loving the M9! Perfect size factor too.