[stolen] 256-006

  • Stolen Monome256-006 in Los Angeles, in a home robbery along with my Lemur and guitar. :(

    ..Luckily they apparently didn't know the value of ARP2600's and Genelecs. :D

  • Good luck reselling 006.

    JazzMutant also has a stolen list. Those units have some sort of lockout, so I'd contact JazzMutant immediately.

    Sucks...everyone's worst nightmare.

  • dude that sucks.

    spose it's kinda trackable if they sell it.
    hope they get whats coming to them.

  • goddamn man...
    im sorry
    thats tough
    keep it positive, and put the word out....
    the internet will shurely put a lockout on this fucktard...
    good luck man...

  • Here is a web site idea. What if the monome driver on mac and PC have a "phone-home" beacon added? The control to switch tracking on/off could be controlled at a central site where you have an account. You could then indicate when you want to log the IPs of where your device(s) are being used. Those can be backtraced with law enforcement's help if needed. This would help find the perps pretty quick. It's a bit like the mobilme iphone locator service apple provides.

  • shitty steve...very sorry to hear that. i agree though, the magic of the internet will hopefully lead a path back to this guy.

  • awww dude that's awful. let's hope it's found!

  • Let's hope this becomes one of those situations where it was worth having it stolen to be able to inflict creative "justice" on the knob.

    As long as 006 is returned safely, of course...

  • ARGH.

    What kind of person steals a musician's instruments?

  • there should be a GPS system in such expensive stuff...

  • There should probably be a sticky somewhere suggesting that people get serial numbers prior to buying a second hand one. There's a couple of 256's for sale on here now. You never know.

  • one of my worst home-related fears. other than fire or flood, of course.

    my condolences, sincerely. at least you still have the 2600 tho; that's worth a LOT more and is more difficult to get a hold of.

  • what a shame. i am surprised that they knew what a lemur and monome were but not the genelecs. idiots....

  • Sending good karma your way... hopefully the scum bag is found

  • sorry to hear it steve

  • it really is crappy. i hope luck shines your way and you get them back somehow.

  • Sorry to hear about your bad luck! That's the worst feeling ever! I've "luckily" only lost PA equipment when my basement got broken into but now I worry continuously about the rest of my stuff whenever I am away from home. It sucks!

  • that sucks..... very sorry to hear that

  • thanks for all of the sympathy, not my intent, just more hopeful that someone would come across a 256 for sale by someone who has no idea what it is (he left the original powersupply FWIW).

    In fact I'm quite sure it would still be here if I hadn't left it in the suitcase (since so many valuable things were left behind, including my car), sadly I was only here for 12 hours and didn't unpack properly before going back out of town :(

    So yeah, if you see a 256 in a Los Angeles flea market, call the police :)

    I'm tempted to recompile monomeserial with a phone-home to my server if m256-006 is detected (since I still host it for OSX AFAIK).. but I don't think that will get me anywhere.

  • damn man. i'm real sorry. i don't even want to imagine that happening.

  • keep an eye on craigslist man that stuff pops up all the time.

  • maybe this is your lemur? it's a lemur in your area thats all... http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/msg/1581452177.html

  • not my lemur, but thanks (mine had no box, powersupply, etc. also several dings).

  • I'll post around on twitter and stuff just in case.

    Edit: posted, and got a load of people to Retweet, also asked Matrixsynth to post something just in case it helps.

    Good luck.

  • keep an eye out for post that describe what it is rather than just a 256. my guess is that whoever took it won't have a clue what they took only a 'wood box with buttons' or some such description.

    pawn shops close in the 5 mile radius would be good to check. i found my stolen vox guitar this way.

    i'm in la so i'll keep my ear to the ground as well...


  • it does have a "monome" brand on the bottom, so if they're smart enough to google or ebay search...

    sorry to hear this happened.