7up looper - mlr - mlrm4l issue's

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PETpL0s-sU

    sorry for the bad quality. but if u listen close u can hear the looper is still cutting (read, glitching) after i stop pressing the buttons. i have no idea why. i'm using maxmsp 5.1.2 and live 8.1.1
    please help me, i have it for 4 months now and i rarely have been able to do anything with it..



  • Ok, thx,we will look into this.

  • yeah well it could be me, just tried mlr for m4l and it works really sloppy and slowly. i dont know what i'm doing wrong though, could it be anything with the dsp options? i made it myself but i dont think thats a problem cause i did everything as it should be (right diodes, etc..)

    in mlr: buttons work slowly.. sometimes when i press 2 buttons the audio just stops and the light doesnt move anymore. any ideas anyone?

    edit: theres one led thats not working (never did, bought it broken). can this cause any problems alike?

  • don't use last version (21/01/10) but the 18/01/10) as you can read on the mlr m4l thread on this forum.

  • yeah im using that one but the problem seems to be the same in mlr as in mlr for m4l. the buttons react slow, not really latency but when i do fast cuts in a row it skips some and sometimes audio will stop..

  • heres a movie of the usual mlr in max.
    as u see the audio and the monome stops when u press 2 buttons that are from right to left. (looping is from left to right)