Lemur question for newer Lemur owners

  • I'll try to make this the last Lemur question for awhile. I can't seem to get a hold of anyone at Jazzmutant which is why I'm asking you guys. I have the Lemur with the new screen upgrade and noticed that when I tap the screen around the outer perimeter I get a clicky sound. it seems like the touch surface film around the outside perimeter isn't glued down like the rest of the screen. I was wondering if this is normal. It doesn't seem like its loose enough to cause a problem but I just want to make sure its not a production defect. If you have a new Lemur with the new screen please let me know if you also notice this. Just tap on the outer perimeter of the screen closest to where the screen meets the casing. Thanks for your help.

  • I would really appreciate if someone with a newer generation Lemur would test theirs to see if they hear this clicking sound when tapping the screen around the outer perimeter and corners. This "clicking" is from the film not being glued down tight like the rest of the screen. Thanks for your help.

  • I am just about to get on a phone call with Jazzmutant. I will ask them for you.


  • Thanks. Do you have a newer Lemur, and if so, have you noticed this?

  • I actually have an old Lemur. I am supposedly getting another one sent to me too. I don't think it is of the new batch though. My phone call got delayed until today. I will still find out for you.


  • Still haven't gotten an answer from any of the new Jazzmutant Lemur owners about this. Still waiting for Jazzmutant to get back to me. Have you heard anything mchenetz?