save molar [256 recovered - molar saved]

  • As many of you know my 256 (m256-006) was stolen from my house in Los Angeles late January. I am attempting to save up for another one (provided I can obtain one, but I figure that will happen eventually). I had to buy an alarm system for the house today which wasn't cheap, but a 2nd burglary in 7 years warrants such things..

    [EDIT] what a strange day... Monome came back thanks to a tip-off, came home today with my Lemur, Trigger-Finger, Soundcard, headphones! Let it be known, the universe does not favor those who steal monomes!

    [$99] Lucifer VST/AU - MIDI-driven audio beat-manipulator
    [$49] vMinion VST - multi-effect, with over 99 DSP effect types in 4 modules with X/Y/Z Beat-synced LFOs, envelope follower, step-sequencer
    [$199] Nerve VST/AU - upcoming unique drum machine with ~2 Gigabyte sound library (though you can load your own stuff too, of course). I'm really excited for the release of this one, as I've worked hard on it and really enjoy using it. Planned to be finished in a few weeks; you'll get a physical copy mailed to you in a month, or two maximum, beta testing in the interim is a possibility.. (no demo yet, sorry).
    These will be "official purchases" and will enter you in to the product registration for support, updates, forum access, etc. unlike the software you see on craigslist (I've been visiting that site way too much lately, searching for my gear)

    If anyone feels insanely generous and buys all three at $348 (funding almost 1/3 of my target!) I can offer a few secret keep-to-myself-type unreleased VST's as well, that may or may not ever see the light of day. No promises on usefulness, but I use em :) documentation on them might be lacking however.

    my paypal is in my profile (click my name)

    Thanks for your consideration

  • Yes I would like all of these. But it would take me a few months to slowly acquire them. I'll first need a couple weeks to recover from Valentine's Day. It should be renamed Invalid Times' Day because of it's ability to destroy my selfish endeavors in an impeccable fashion year after year.

    Good luck my friend and thanks again for creating something so awesome as molar. I think I'll donate yet again just for that cause alone.

    One of the main reasons I love it so is cause it feels like the hardware days again with the 128. And that is also why Nerve really has my curiousity. I imagine a monome will also complement Nerve rather well, being that you yourself owned one. And it seems you def keep the live performer in mind with your other plugs. Am I forgiven for making such a bold assumption? Or should I continue to slumber within this wet dream of mine?

  • I am super interested in Nerve, already own vMinion somehow don't see myself needing Lucifer in my somewhat streamlined setup (bye bye freebies:( and I am totally in Love with Molar!
    That being said, the idea of possibly no future Molar development makes me sad, but regardless I would go out on a limb and buy an advance copy of Nerve to help fund a Monome but I would need to have a bit more of an idea what I am in for...Is this possible or is Nerve still way too top secret to leak detailed info?

  • But otherwise, I've definately got 50 bucks to pitch in towards your replacement Monome if it means that we will eventually see the last few Molar bugs ironed out and an official version 1.0 :)

  • i am definetly interrested in Nerve. I am allthough available for betatesting. I tested Digidesign and Steinberg Software for a long time. If you need a professional tester contact me.

  • Hi Steve!

    Sorry to hear of your problems mate! You might remember me from over on KvR, longtime Lucifer user, although not been on the xferrecords site in a bit...

    Once my card recovers Im definitely down for a copy of vMinion, might be able to stretch to Nerve...

    Just a thought - have you mentioned this over at KvR? Perhaps you dont want to do that but I do know a LOT of folks lament the lack of Lucifer...

    Hope things pick up for you mate - chat to you soon!


  • i would have spent the alarm system dough on a dog and a shotgun... just sayin. ;)

  • total raised: $18

    more info on Nerve just went live. If you use facebook consider suggesting Nerve page to producers you know!

    thanks.. hope to be back with a monome soon :)

  • Does Nerve have the ability to internally sequence parameter data per step, ie: parameter locks in Elektron land?. That's one thing that would definately catch my attention.
    I confess that just between my Machinedrum and Molar and Spectralis I am not so sure I will need this...though I may yet be convinced and I'm sure coming from you it's gonna be awesome. I suppose I'll have to wait for a demo....
    Regardless, Im gonna pitch in a few bucks soon as thanks again for Molar and to hopefully help a bit to ease the suckage of your losing the Monome.

  • Pardon I 'm not posting this on the FB page due to my phone, but what do you mean by "limited supply"? Is Nerve only gonna be a one off thing?

  • @gurulogic, thanks - Not sure you'll need it either, theres a fair bit of overlap with Molar. Molar of course is not-so-fun if you don't have a Monome... Nerve is designed to be mouse-driven. I get better beats out of Nerve but get interesting results from Molar. You can step-sequence cut/res/pitch/pan/gate and an FX send with Nerve but not in the sense of internally recording knobs to a graph.

    @baubie, not something to be concerned with - we're going to manufacture a certain amount and then there might be a gap in sales if we need to do another round of manufacturing.

  • I have a friend who's been trying to buy Lucifer for some time now -I'll point him to this thread and I think you'll have an enthusiastic buyer!

  • what's your paypal address for good ol' donations?

  • It's the address in steve_duda profile...

  • which you have to be logged in to see.


    I recieved a generous $86 from this thread.

    anyone who donated as a result of this may:
    1) ask for refund
    2) ask for celebratory vst plugin (Lucifer or vMinion)

    I'll get back on Molar as soon as I get a lull in Nerve work... :)

  • no. way.
    that is amazing news. is there a happy story to go with it?

  • congrats!

  • gotta hear this story. congrats!

    any sign of the lemur?

  • w00! i am happy for you!

  • @jmelnyk He edited the top post in the thread with the following news: "what a strange day... Monome came back thanks to a tip-off, came home today with my Lemur, Trigger-Finger, Soundcard, headphones! Let it be known, the universe does not favor those who steal monomes!"

    @steve_duda Glad to hear you got your gear back.

  • magic happens, glad so glad :)

    cheers up steve

  • Now that us very happy news indeed! Glad to see you're riding the wave steve. Let this be a reminder to all who've used your products that we do owe you a measure of support. Glad to hear the reward continues ;)

  • congrats! that's incredible, so glad to hear everything made it back!

  • i'm glad!!! that is great news!!!

  • That is bloody amazing!
    How lucky is that? LA!!!? I live in a town with maybe 25000 people and I can't find my stolen 6000 watt power amp etc. and I know everyone!
    I hope it wasn't stolen by someone you knew..?

  • thanks all :) nobody I knew, but someone knew of me, and saw my name on the lemur splash-page I had made, and thankfully had a conscience. I'm still out some expensive items, but I'm stunned+thankful to have the ones I really wanted to replace back (monome+lemur).

    I've learned some valuable lessons from this.. perhaps obvious stuff, but nobody expects to have a home burglary, and it happens all too often. I live in a quiet area and walk my dog a lot, never see much suspicious but that doesn't mean people don't drive by while you're asleep, looking for targets!

    1) write down serial numbers to your gear.
    2) engrave / tag stuff as yours in any permanent way possible, at the least this makes it tougher to sell.
    3) if you leave town, don't forget to make it look like someone is home. A power-bill for a TV on is better than no TV.
    4) if everyone on your street has alarm systems, maybe you should to
    5) insurance for musicians isn't too much money e.g.
    6) Make Backups! I had all of my code stolen on a firewire drive (years of work!) but thankfully I had made a backup before I left.

  • Thanks, good advice!

  • Incredible news! Sorry you had to go through that, but glad it ended well.

  • Great news !
    Thanks for the advice. I am glad i have an insurance, but of course that doesn´t
    replace the work we did when equipment gets stolen.

  • Wow great news indeed! :)

  • wow. good for you!

  • hello steve - very late to this thread, glad things worked out with the gear.

    lucifer - is there a monome enabled version or beta available? i'm pretty much using molar as lucifer via a rather complicated setup in ableton, seems to me it'd be much easier to use the real thing.

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