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  • traktor64

    i've made a nice little app for use with traktor.
    its quite bare at the moment but you can control:
    cues 1-6
    effect toggles 1-3
    transport (play/pause + skip forward/backwards)
    sync controls (sync/master)
    looping (in/out/active)

    later i will be adding control over the effects, file browser and eq. but i've got 6 pages to fill so any suggestions would be great :D
    there's a layout in the folder showing deckA (its the same for deckB).

    have fun guys!

    updates: last comment in the thread. i'll add it to the wiki soon. feeling lazy.

  • Hi Dovemouse,

    thanks for helping the little ones also controlling Traktor.
    For some reason I cannot load your .tsi file.
    I'm able to select it in the browser but can't check the box to load the midi mappings.

    I don't know if it's because of the file or because of my system.
    I'm on mac OS 10.6.

    But again thanks for your effort. Been waiting a while for something like this.

  • which version o traktor are you using?
    are you importing it correctly?
    click controller manager
    then add > import
    and select the tsi file :)

  • Don't worry about it. My Traktor wasn't up to date.

    I had two crashes so far while selecting the midi output but now it's working fine.

  • glad its working for you :)
    here's a tiny update. just fixes the lights for the cues. the should com on when you start the patch to make it easier to know where everything is. it also makes a big cross on the monome :D

  • The update works great. Thanks.
    Love the cross :)

  • I've been playing with your App for quite some time now.
    It's really fun. The monome kind of encourages to step away from the computer. So I can't wait for more pages :)

    Regarding suggestions for the other pages: I'd love to have control over the fixed loop buttons as well as some more exact scrubbing functions (maybe if you hold down the skip buttons...)

  • i like the idea of the loop buttons.

    the design of the app allows you to change what the two middle sliders do so i may have so if the loop active button is held the slider for that deck turns into loop length.

    i also like the holding down to scrub. maybe if a quick press would be a small scrub and a hold would be a big one?

    effect stuff is coming i just got to work out what i need to control. still getting to grips with them. maybe add some accelerometer support :D

    and a file loader is a must for me (like the dj64 one)

    i'm glad you're enjoying it as much as i am :)

  • Your scrub solution sounds good.
    And also a file browser with a loading function is the most important thing for me, too.

    Since I'm more into alt/indie music, I don't need the fx and sync functions all the time. So a separate page for the loop buttons that still features the faders would be better for me. But I guess most people in this forum play more electronic music which is of course a whole different thing.

    I believe that you can't map midi controls for FX parameters to automap all the individual fx devices. For example traktor treats a chained fx unit differently to an advanced fx unit (I hope I'm not telling you something wrong now).

    Accelerometer support would be interesting. Although there definitely should be an on/off function, since I tend to walk around with the monome a little :)

    But that's just my opinion and I'm only a part time traktor user. Typically I work in ableton but for some things I feel it's just to much.
    I don't need all those functions when I'm just rocking out with bob dylan or the seeds :)

    I'm really looking forward to see what you come up with.

  • Using it now...awesome app I just wish there was a way to effect the filters to cut the lows mids or highs but I know a 64 doesn't enough buttons for it..I have a 128 tho


  • i'm working on adding eq, filter and effect sliders on other pages.

    i've got the loop length working and i'll sort out the scrub and eq tonight i think!

    for the effects i will set it up for how i like to use traktor but you'll be able to edit the midi map to make it work for you if there are some problems.

    accelerometer will definitely be on/off maybe a held button...

  • hey edition, i have a 128 too. i don't know how to make apps in max, but using midi i made the interface i currently use.

    here's a video:

    gonna check out dovemouse's app tonight on my 64.

  • I can not upload the file on tsi traktor pro does not see it as a midi file How do I? I use a arduinome evening with arduinome

  • are you importing it correctly?
    cmd + ,
    click controller manager
    then add > import
    and select the tsi file :)

  • open arduinoserial'm open traktor midi setup import file tsi but do not read .. something wrong

  • i use mac os

  • what version of traktor are you using?

  • traktor scratch pro crakkato

  • version

  • can you confirm that you are using the steps i described above to import the file?

    does it give an error message when trying to import?

  • opens a window with the categories MIDI CONTRL open sound etc but does not select anything about these

  • could upload a screenshot?

  • I had the same problem. Just update traktor and you can load the tsi file.

  • I open serialArduino protocol midi input and out selections Arduino serial then open the file traktor64.maxpat At this point I go on to select the file traktor tsi

  • you need to run arduinomeserial on osc mode. with the the prefix: /trak
    then select the midi out that you want to use in the max patch/

  • Ok now I try to update traktor

  • file traktor 64 maxpat item info I choose traktor midi virtual midi

  • in the control manger now sees now the file tsi as generic keyboard that must do

  • Watch

    1440 x 900 - 469K
  • is there anything in the device drop down other than generic keyboard?

  • traktor64 iac driver

    1440 x 900 - 327K
  • I can repeat the instructions in traktor64 maxpat midi in what I take?tsi file on traktor and opens a generic midi. takes a virtual software? I use as a sound card audio 8

  • what you need to do is select traktor64 from the dropdown menu then select the same for both the in-port and the out-port and then the same in the dropdown in the maxpatch.

    set arduinomeserial prefix to /trak and the ports to 8000 and 8080 and you should be ready to go!


  • @namire

    It doesn't matter what midi device is shown first. As long as the "traktor64 - generic midi" appears in the list, everything is fine.

    Now just select the same midi ports in traktor and the maxpatch (traktor64).
    For example "From MAX/MAP Runtime 1". This has nothing to do with your soundcard. Max simply needs a way to communicate with traktor.

    I made some screenshots and marked the areas where you have to set the midi ports.

    651 x 719 - 225K
    639 x 500 - 40K
    414 x 586 - 61K
  • ok but the file tsi does not contain that mapping and play pauses xfader etc but that is another

  • i was wrong the tsi file contains the mapping but i must to move da generic keyboard on generic midi traktor 64 know how to do ?

  • anybody use this on windoes iam with 7 and latest tractor..but you cant choose the same port stucke with a iac bus that doesnt exist

  • @jazz, It works on my windows XP. At 1st, it was only letting me select IAC port, but after i clicked on the button above where you select your port, it refreshed and showed me all my MidiYokes. Try that and see if it works.

  • thanks man!!

  • Hey dovemouse,

    I was just wondering how the app is coming along.
    Don't mean to rush you. But as I said before, I really enjoy traktor64 and can't wait for further development.


  • i've been very busy ;)

    i'll try and make some progress this week!
    what features are you waiting for?

  • Great News.

    Mostly I'm waiting for a page to control the file browser and EQs.
    Everything else is nice to have but not a must.

    Thanks for your effort.

  • i'll start on eq and file browser tonight!

  • I am having trouble getting the lights to turn on off in my own mapping. any advice on how to achieve this?

  • Hi Dovemouse. Any news on an update yet?

  • Hi Dovemouse!

    Thank you so much for creating this application, and for posting all these comments to help people get up and running with it. I just got it working with Traktor, (about five minutes ago!!) I'm really excited to start using it!!!


    I'll keep you updated on how progress is coming along with it!

    Cheers, and thanks again for sharing this app with everyone!


  • @Sarah

    Glad to see you got the Traktor stuff working!

  • Sorry for the delay in updates for this. Just haven't had the time!

    I've been thinking about the effects and I'm tempted to trow in the fx section from dj64 instead. Any objections?