video: traknome threat display edit for traktor and monome 128

  • hey guys, i just posted a quick demo video of my traknome threat display edit for monome 128 and traktor pro/ scratch pro.

    let me know what you think.

  • If i knew how to make a jaw-dropping smiley face i would. I really dig that.

    My set-up is similar to yours minus tracktor. It took me a while but i finally have a semi-comfrotable method of djn with ableton, 128, and molar. It serves some cool high-lighted performance aspects at times, however, it can also be counter-productive at times, especially if i need to perform a dj set longer than 30 minutes on a short notice.

    I've been entertaining purchasing trackor for a while. You make it look easy to a noob, but i can tell you are a practicing and skilled dj. So do you reckon that tracktor would be of benefit for someone like me who only djs with mp3s and loves ableton and button pushing? It seems that there's so many dj softwares out there. i don't have turntables or cd decks. So would tracktor be overkill in my situation or do you think it's up my alley? - thanks!

  • baubie, wow thanks so much for the kind words.

    i think ableton is actually more complicated than traktor. i went from serato and i have just made the switch to traktor, it's only been a week or so. in fact, i don't know a lot about the program but i will say that vinyl response seems to be more accurate and i might even go as far as saying that i can tell the difference in the audio quality. also, with the chained and advanced effects units i'm pretty much in love with traktor so far. so, in short, i do recommend that you at least check it out.

  • I know it has been a while since the last post in this thread but it's driving me mad...
    First of all thanks for making the traknome128 version... unfortunately I can't get this to work... I use an Arduinome 128 and tried several Traktor versions without any results... midi signals are coming in but the lights don't light up as they actually should (seen in your video)... even the mapping doesn't correspond with your button layout...
    EDIT: it seems that in MIDI-mode it's mirroring one of the Arduinomes...same notes on both sides... any idea why it doesn't work or its mirroring???