music i made cause of all this

  • i was a guitar kinda musician before the monome, now I make crazy electronic music. Anyone else have this experience?

  • That is some scary music right there. Felt like some kind of scifi horror.. really enjoyed it though!

  • Yeah, a few years ago I played strictly acoustic guitar and didn't play much else than diy folk and punk. Since then my interests expanded into instruments such as the electric guitar, piano, cello, electric pianos, and modular synthesizers (I also developed an appreciation for advanced technical skill associated with these instruments). Motivations behind my computer fiddling (programming, linux system optimization, etc.) soon also shifted to focus much more heavily on music oriented goals. But I've gotta say my time spent in the diy punk scene laid down the law for my unwavering commitment to the open source movement. 'Cuz if it wasn't free and I didn't build it, I don't want to have anything to do with it!!

    Checked out your links and those are some really nice minimalist jams. A pleasure to listen to :)

  • @_murray, i'm going through the exact same thing right now. i've played the acoustic guitar for a while [up the folk punks! =P], but also long held an appreciation for electronic music artists [especially Aphex Twin].

    recently i've been looking into exactly how Aphex makes his music, and it's amazing what you can do with samples and a laptop. the monome is fantastic in that it can bring all of this together and offers a way to perform it live. long live DIY!

    oh, and ultra.. love the music. :D

  • We need a "Before and After" thread. Show us the old jams! =)

  • Ditto here on the acoustic guitar. I've played for two decades as a side hobby but have always been fascinated by electronic music of all stripes. I just never had the money or the know-how to pursue it. I know software synths and samplers have a bad name in some circles, but for me they were a revelation. Add the monome into the mix (as I've done for just over a month now) and my eyes pop out of my head each time I noodle around with samples and mlr and end up with sounds I never knew I could make.

    I still default to the guitar when I compose, but I have fun feeding some acoustic tracks through various filters and apps to see what I get. In the end my musical FUN quotient has gone up by a power of ten. Yipeee!

  • @ieetsababies: Word! Rosa, Defiance Ohio, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, Ghost Mice, (NoIdea/PlanItX)Against Me!, Japanther, Paul Baribeau, etc. etc. :)

  • Thamks for the kindness.

    Here's some more older stuff (still post-monome) :

    These trx were made indesire to capture serendipitous music coming off my speakers experimenting with the monome softwares, then with Reaktor, Max, building more complex pieces in mlr, tweaking my Quasimidi on the fly, taping the TV and the ocean for source material, grabbing free samps from FutureMusic CDs, etc, originally thought of as not legitimate music just one-off experiment, test, fiddle. Listening back to it later thinking, "Huh, some this shit is cool..." And so phineus emerged just sorta blooped out into the world all on its own and I really feel like I've had very little to do with it - just made a little hole. Good fun!

    Thank you monomers.

  • you guys sound great...

    me too.... been playing guitar for a long long time. now trying to blend the two (guitar and monome) together in new ways....

    here's a jam from last Saturday night - just starting to get the video stuff down

    The backing track is all monome triggered - sampled guitar (an open E chord), devices, bass, effects on the drum track.....

    More tracks here, if you are interested:

  • @ ultra

    I really enjoyed unhanded, uphanded and rehanded, great job, keep sharing.
    All the best.

    @ hendersounds

    lovely guitar solo, keep blending, nice jam.

  • I also started out doing mostly guitar stuff and your typical rock stuff. I made a transition from playing to programming and finally back to playing as I've gotten more equipment and software that facilitates live performance with a computer.

    Here's a song using an acoustic guitar, MLR in Ableton and some Ableton beats and bass which were sequenced in a 'live' manner.

  • @Ultra
    Interesting tunes - kinda minimal but still dynamic.