looking for new music suggestions...

  • Looking for some music/listening suggestions -

    NIN newest stuff, maybe mostly referring to Ghosts, is quite intelligent, very layered and nifty to listen to. Looking for some more stuff like this, pseudo-industrial, but not the dance cheese techno type that is commonly associated with the term.

    Any suggestions?

  • http://www.connexionbizarre.net/releases.htm

    Free album of Alaskan electronic dudes. Mostly industrial.

    If you haven't checked this site out before, there pretty much an industrial outfit.

    I have a track on the Indiana version of this, but I did it like a year or so ago and it sucks balls.

  • Nommo ogo?


  • Asbestoscape. This guy's music (only one short record unfortunately) definitely has a "Ghosts" vibe to it.


  • untold, matthew david, shlohmo, nosaj thing, baths, james blake, 16bit, a good start possibly totally off track.

  • I recently got "Matmos, Supreme Balloon". It's an amazing electronic album! Raw electronics, no cheesy techno. Amazing editing and sound design.

  • Hey thanks guys! This is great, can't wait to check these leads out when I get home and have a decent sound system...

  • Bibio. i have his "Ambivalence Avenue" album, the entire thing is fantastic.
    he's a mix of folk and electronica, really solid stuff.

    "Lover's Carvings" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Eks4gB9tbE

  • Boards of Canada - Boc Maxima

    Tycho - Sunrise Projector

    Amon Tobin - Bricolage

    Nosaj Thing - Drift

    Telefon Tel Aviv - Fahrenheit Fair Enough

  • Some ablums I'm enjoying at the moment that havent been mentioned...

    Lusine - A certain distance
    Hot Chip - one Life Stand
    Four Tet - There is Love in you
    Pantha Du Prince-Black Noise

    Still havent gotten around to getting that recent Bibio album yet...thanks for reminding me!

  • oneohtrix point never - rifts. magestic synth drone without a vst in sight...

  • http://www.myspace.com/madisoneffect

    Check this guy out in austin he's experimental break beat - I used to chill with him, he's truely an incredible unknow - all his albums are up for free download as well

  • tobacco - fucked up friends


  • I enjoy some Justice, Simian Mobile Disco, or them both combined. But these are probably obvious.

  • This thread is great.


  • the new monolake is great, highly recommend that.


  • I'll second the bibio album, it's fantastic. Try hunter-gatherer @ www.myspace.com/huntergathererforever

    the teenage badgirl album is a good electro album.

    i can never think when i have to.

  • yo! as daedelus mentioned, james blake is totally destroying dancefloors at the moment..

    also: lone, bullion, SND, 2562....

  • i am currently listening too a lot of pod casts. Xlr8r Is my favourite at present especially ghosts on tape, dre scull and i echo Daedalus, nosaj thing and Sholomo. http://feeds.xlr8r.com/xlr8rmp3

  • not new but...

    Enno Velthuys was a dutch dood who back in the 80s released a couple of tapes and then disappeared. superlative stuff.

    i dare you not to fall in love with this:



  • Owen Pallett...
    That's funny because "supreme baloon" had been my deception of the year. I am a huge fan of every matmos album, exept this one...

  • http://flatflat.org

  • It's not the most pop thing in the world, but james holden's record the idiots are winning is in my book one of the best best things. border community in general as a label is pretty stunning... There are parts of the moderat record that I really like. Ariel Pink is probably one of the best song writers of our time as well.

  • eeeh that last one, not so on the industrial point...

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