straying off topic

  • i've noticed that straying far off topic is a common thing here on this forum.

    so anyone like cake?

  • my favorite is chocolate.

  • though sleep cake comes in close second...

    mmm how i miss sleep

  • i slept for 19 hours once. that was back in the year 2000.

    i'm wearing pants

  • i feel i must apologise here. ive been responsible for a little bit of thread jacking! i'll stop it.
    Dancing's pretty cool

  • i've noticed that straying far off topic is a common thing here on this forum.

    so anyone like cake?

  • im missing sleep too

    new baby

    i now look back on my life at all those lie ins and remember how good it felt

  • I like to do a little dance and eat cake. Simultaneously.

  • add some sleep to that cakedance and you've got my life

  • i like color.

  • i like loud noises. lots of em. if i get my head in motion, im good.

    and hopefully every noise is distorted. clean = evil.

  • the cake is a lie.


  • So is "There will be blood" any good? When i heard that quote from the movie on the radio I almost died laughing, how can you take that movie seriously with some dude drinking milkshakes?

  • saw it the other night... very very very badass. one of the best films i have seen in a while.

    and i should add the milkshake scene is hilarious and disturbing at the same time.

  • I love milkshakes.

  • I prefer red wine and french cheese

  • that's very romantic, but you know that the romantic era in classical music isn't all about red wine and cheese.

  • hmmm...i might have to go see it....i seems like an overdone film, but I shouldn't judge it till I see it. I am sure it is fantastic as D.D. Lewis is a pretty intense solid actor.

  • monome is better romantic than cheese.
    but i had try to eat my monome, and it hurts me

  • how does it hurt you, the pads are very soft and bouncy....did you go usb cable first?

  • My monome doesn't smell as fresh as the first day I got it. I might need to get some Teak oil to relive the good old times.

    I'm getting a Kaossilator today...WOOOHOOO!
    wish it had MIDI but I'll enjoy doodling with it on the couch.

    I think teak oil and Kaossilator will both fit in my pocket?!?

  • i think a firewire 400 cable would co down better. less data flow...

  • " I almost died laughing, how can you take that movie seriously with some dude drinking milkshakes?"

    well./. its quite circumstantial dialogue, that, in fact has nothing to do with milkshakes.
    such a good movie. anyone who disagrees should go bowling with Daniel Plainview.

  • wait, teak oil is for didge's!!!! Speaking of didge'ing, ne1 play here?

    @7oi- true............... =/

    @devism- well, then why does he say I will drink YOUR milkshake, I WILL DRINK IT UP!!>>. But you could imagine, listening on the radio, this intense fella saying he will drink your milkshake, that was the stupidest thing I ever heard, it actually turned me off from watching the movie. So, I am gonna go bowling now.

  • strange how a generally off topic thread manages to stay on a topic or two.

  • alright... you should really just go see it.

    he uses milkshakes & straws to create an analogy to oil drilling.

  • I probably will, it does look very interesting, and I hear besides the acting the cinematography and music is amazing. :)

  • I think I saw a commercial like that, where a kid flips his straw upside down and sucks up the unattainable bottom of the milkshake which somehow enlightens his father to making a device that sucks up oil in the same way...totally worthless information that T.V. has instilled in my mind. I have now made all of you more stupid...your welcome.

  • i saw a commercial once where the monkees were lonely and wanted friends, so they drank the electric kool aid and then friends appeared out of the sand dune and they started dancing and singing

  • Has anybody seen the movie 'Dune'?

  • oh and another thing, why does clothing companies have 'outerwear' in their names? Is there no other wear that couldn't be outer? Do they sell colon hats or tounge scarfs?

  • @t1mp__ no. but i love those kind of movies, and i've found i often disagree with roger ebert>> so when he says>>

    This movie is a real mess, an incomprehensible, ugly, unstructured, pointless excursion into the murkier realms of one of the most confusing screenplays of all time.

    I think i might like it. anyone else own any seasons of ALF on dvd?

  • I agree, he's the whole point i got into the arts, Sartre himself proclaimed him the tastiest piece of ass since Ableton.

  • yeah, and another thing! Small nations have therefore ever print been the tick cradle of political succeed liberty; and the fact helpless that many of the wrong. All the plants of month very Europe grow in the northern parts transport of the Union; the South has special productions. Three circumstances brainy seem to carefully be crept to contribute most powerfully to the maintenance of egg.

  • @7oi: That'll put marzipan in your pieplate, bingo!

  • Mario karts is awesome!

  • Cake blows. Pie is okay. Cookies rule!!!!

  • @Raja: perfect--ftw! In desperation--not being very graphically inclined--I scanned my avatar image from a piece of Japanese stationery that had an iron for a logo. I removed a few extraneous bits and added a border to make it look more like the letter "a". I always wondered if anyone else would see it as the iron that it really is.

    (If I can find it I will e-mail you the original so you know what I mean.)

    And don't filter your voice. Keep it up and running at all times. These forums wouldn't be the same without it.

    EDIT: To quote Spider Robinson: "If a person who indulges in gluttony is a glutton, and a person who commits a felony is a felon, then God is an iron."

  • cake to jerk chicken

    that's getting off


  • reading this thread, i had the mental image of a jet, its engine exploding into flame, pummetting towards the earth, little bits of twisted metal aching off into the distance. Well done folks...

  • I wish my cat was more docile, so she could hang with me in the studio like in Stretta's vids. Instead mine is currently trying to knaw her hind leg off.


  • come to the monomeet!