wish: Live Clip Chopper and Ms. Pinky Integration

  • Imagine simultaneous vinyl and Live Clip Chopper control over the same clip. Ms Pinky would determine pitch, speed and direction of playback and LCC would determine exactly when and from where to play back - one hand scratching while the other cues and records patterns of cues.

    I can't get this idea out of my head, but I have no idea how to implement it. Hopefully, one of you badasses likes this idea too.

  • i really wish i had the time to do this.

    if someone else does it, it'll pretty much force me into buying ms. pinky (something i've been putting off for far too long anyways, especially since he's in santa cruz)

  • has anyone got the link to ms pinky live clip scratching?
    i don't think the results will be very good but this might help!

    if only live clips could be accessed by a clip.buffer~ type object :(

  • here's the patch:

    the problem is that there's no access to the live playhead after a clip is recorded. you have to specify the directory of the recorded sample and the patch reads the audio in that way

    head over to this topic and read up on the progress

    enjoi just posted a dj version so we can use mulitple instances, something I was asking for, so THANKS!

    and some crazy stuff from gavspav
    http://vimeo.com/9189314 (live input and webcam scratching)

    I'd love to see cue points next, maybe map to a row on the monome and have LCC on a different row or maybe different page altogether. I'd love to have a page for just midi mapping, i.e faders and buttons with a bunch a cue points or even a mini clip launcher. This is the reason I bought max for live and this is some craaaazy S*&T!!