FS: 256

  • mint condition monome 256.

    comes with original box, original artwork, and power supply.

    very lightly used in a professional studio environment. never gigged.

    i'm in chicago.. so i'd love it to go to someone local (so maybe i can visit it occasionally ;) ).. but i am willing to ship.


  • just a note: it's serial 113.

    500 x 375 - 175K
  • What's with price and profit? They are 1400 + shipping brand new.

  • just going by the current market price. stretta's sold for 1600.

    make an offer if you're interested.

  • auction ends today if anyone's interested.


    i'd rather it go to someone in this community.. so make an offer if you want it!

  • If I'm reading the Ebay page correctly, your reserve price was $1700!?
    You cheeky bugger...
    I'll sell you a monkey and a gnome for half that!

  • highest bid = $990? oh dear.

    The last one sold on ebay for only $1225


    Based on current market price, I'll offer you $1200.

  • @gurulogic no, you were not reading it correctly.

    @auditorycanvas all i want is what i paid.

  • had a lot of offers but everyone has fallen through..

    still available! 1300?

  • I wish I had the money right now.

  • whispered you dc

  • @ dc

    will you ship it overseas?

  • @abletenor i'd rather not if possible. but, if you're willing to foot the extra cost of the shipping and packaging, i'd be ok with it as long as you are!

  • Hi DC,

    I am very interested in your 256 if its still available, however I only have 1200 and I would need it shipped to upstate new york.

    Would that work out?