Does MachineCollective Still Makes Faceplates?

  • Two months ago, I ordered a faceplate for my monome 128 with 2*8*8 bibo's keypad and sparkfun buttons.
    And i remain with no reply from machine collective since that.

    Here's the mail i received:
    Hello Vincent Palumbo, thanks for shopping at! We'll contact you about payment as soon as your order is ready for manufacturing or shipping. Please keep an eye on your mailbox and make sure that your spamfilter doesn't eat our e-mails...

    126286245989885900 07-01-2010 12:07:39

    1 Arduinome 64 faceplate kit White satin
    1 Arduinome 128 faceplate kit (2x 8x8) White satin

    SUBTOTAL: € 134.00
    19 % VAT: € 25.46
    WEIGHT: 1200 g. SHIPPING METHOD: EU ZONE I < 2 kg - insured SHIPPING FEE: € 15.00

    ORDER TOTAL: € 174.46


    I tried a second order to see if i might have made a mistake nothing either.
    Finally it's impossible to get in touch with them by mail.
    I partly started my monome 128 because i saw those faceplates on the website. Now i'm a bit stuck with a monome that doesn't have a body :(.

    PS: I verified my spams,nothing.

  • Do a quick search on the forums here, they dropped off the planet about a year ago.

  • Ok
    At least if they don't wanna put their website down.
    They could have mentionned it somewhere on the index page. P*** off !! :(