OT: Mapping record quantization in live

  • I just made my own day! Don't know why I never figured this out before...

    Quoting myself from another thread:


    I just figured out a way to map record quantization in live! At least on OS X...

    Under keyboard and mouse in system preferences, you can assign keyboard shortcuts to menu items. You add a new shortcut, select the app, type in the name of the menu item exactly, set the key combo, done.

    So for testing, I set No Quantization to shift+option+q, and Sixteenth-Note Quantization to option+q. So now those key combos in live switch between record quantization of and 16th note record quantization.

    Now I'm guessing I can just use midistroke to map on- and off-states of a toggle button on my killamix to those keyboard shortcuts. I'll try it over the weekend...

    Turns out you can map any menu item in any application that doesn't already have a keyboard shortcut this way.

    Kick ass!

  • I've been trying to do something like this in WinXP but have not been able to sort it out. Can anyone else make this work for them on a PC?