Sourcing Parts In UK

  • Hey guys, Needing some help and advice in sourcing parts in the uk? Ebay and some other websites arent specific enough and im having trouble finding all these parts. I know where to get the sparkfire buttons, and i have the logic board and button pad. Cheers.

  • Farnell is pretty good for electronics.
    What parts are you looking for specifically?

  • hey mate was bassically trying to find everything in as few suppliers as possible rather thatn sourcing through about 5 different websites. Diodes and leds are cheap and easy through ebay, but the shiftys and ribbon's etc seem a nightmare. Also a flashed atmega32, any way that you know of i can get a hold of one of these? Someone on the form etc?

  • Farnell should be able to so the chips and ribbon cables but there is a £20 minimum order. I've just ordered a programmer to fix my grayscale so I could probaby flash your chip for you.

    Seeedstudio have been good for
    me and I think they stock the parts you need, they might even flash the hip if you ask nicely! They are based in china but shipping is pretty reasonable.

  • Ill look into both of these dove! Thanks very much. Are you located in the uk yourself yeah?

  • i got most of my parts from farnell, if you're in the UK it's by far the best way to go..

  • Yeah I'm in norwich. I'll let you know flashing my grayscale goes and we can sort something out.

  • i'm selling somethings:

    i'm in italy.

  • Rapid Electronics are good. Good prices and excellent service, nowhere near the range of Farnell or RS though. But you can buy single quantities of everything.

  • I use Farnell quite a bit myself. I don't know if the minimum order has just been introduced, but I've regularly ordered 1 or 2 ICs at a time at the cost of just a few quid. I never feel great about my carbon footprint afterwards, but they virtually always arrive next day and with free delivery.

  • +1 for Farnell in Uk, when I was sourcing bits for my arduinome I checked RS but found they didn't quite have all the bits so got everything from Farnell in the end.

  • Ordered all the parts yestarday. Got a spare of everything so might have to make another clone or sell it as a ready made set for someone on here. Cheers guys, now just finding the cheapest buttons, um245 and a flashed atmega. Seem to be SKPang here in uk for buttons.

  • is the cheapest for common parts - pots/resistors, leds, etc...


    Cool components are are a quid cheaper on the sparkfun buttons :)

  • @Spacolucia there cheaper when you work out VAT.

    @oootini ive got several other components from there in the past, seem spot on. Didnt have the majority of things unfortunetly.

    @dovemouse any progression on chip flashing dove?

    Cheers folk.

  • just got the programmer in the post today. i'll pop out and buy the hex keys i need and give it a go today!

  • sweet mate! a quick question im using the bibo 8x8 with the logic, would it be arduinome firmware or monome? bit confusing on that front. I can only assume it is monome firmware as it isnt a arduino. But just wanna make sure haha.

  • partlist here btw if you need more info on other parts:

    which logic board are you using? there should be some writing on it...
    if it looks like this one: then you got the monome logic board and you need to buy an atmega32 which i can flash for you :)

    if it looks like this:
    then you've got the arduinome shield and you need to buy an arduino for it to sit on top of and you you dont need me as you can program that yourself!

  • ive got the bibo logic board mate

  • Ah cool that's a clone of the monome one. Exactly the same. So monome firmware!

  • thanks alot mate. Spot on. Let me know how the programming goes man :D

  • Just finished programming my grayscale. Once i figured out the monome had to be plugged in also, it went fine!

    So yeah, as i had to have the logic board plugged in you'll need to send the whole logic board when you've soldered all the bits. I should be able to post it back the same day of receiving...drop me an email when you want to organise it:
    steveyburtenshaw / gmail / com

  • cool man, is there no way i can just get an atmega sent to your address then u can use the greyscale's logic to program? Just for convenience. Cheers

  • Don't think so. The grayscale is all surface mount parts...

  • gotcha mate, gonna look at pricing for programmers today. If there not bad then ill just buy one as i plan to do a few monome clones e.g 64/128/256. If not ill give you a shout man :)