Different monome series details

  • Can some please post the details of the different monomes that have been released to date? I know there have been a couple dozen different release, sizes, led colors, inclosure, and cable configurations. I have also heard that the "action" on the buttons varies across different releases. Also favorites, pros/cons etc. would be great.

    I noticed here (http://monome.org/availability) are the different release dates and quantities, but more detailed information would be much appreciated.

    While looking to buy a monome second hand, this information would be really helpful. If this information already exists, please excuse my post and provide a link.

    Thanks you.

  • http://monome.org/devices

    And a good ref for 2nd hand isÂ…


  • Thanks JP for links...

    what about playability? Are there any differences in the feel and/or action of the pads or latency across the different releases?

    also what about software, do all the apps that work on the 64 also work on the 40h?


  • they all have pretty much the same brain, so the latency + applications are identical across the board.

    re: pads
    in general they have become more 'snappy' with less weight + distance required to activate the switch over time. the only other real difference is the 40h uses a button about 25% larger than current production models.

  • http://stretta.blogspot.com/2010/03/brief-history-of-monome-production.html