Parts list HELP! Can't find headers.

  • Hello all!

    I'm just getting started here, and I've purchased button boards, and logics from Bibo along with button pads from Spark Fun. That's all I have for now. Planning to build a 128/80h. I'm ready to purchase the rest of the items I need but I looked and looked and didn't see where anyone had created a really easy to understand and really easy to access parts list for noobs to use. Bibo directed me to:

    and I looked around the web for the parts listed there, but it annoyed me that there were NOT links I could just click on (perhaps that's not the "diy" way... eh?). As I did that I figured I might as well make a spread sheet with links included. There were a few parts from jameco that I could not find (the headers). I have those highlighted in my spreadsheet. The spreadsheet with links, and prices that I found is located at:

    If someone could take the time to look at that and then either edit it right there on google docs, or just post back and let me know if there are cheaper ways to get any of the parts (such as the UM245R... geez! $20 from dk? and double that since I'm on the 128 train) , and where to find the 8x2, and 5x2 headers as the part number that's listed does NOT show up on Jameco's site.

    Thanks a lot for the whole attitude of this community, and how helpful you guys (gals) seem. Looking forward to some help with these last few things so I can place my final orders for tiny parts, and then be on my way soldering up a storm!

  • This can be cut with snips to yield the necessary header lengths. Searching jameco for "pin header" yields tons of similar results.

  • Great! Thanks for the response. That's what I thought I was gonna need to do.

    Which Ribbon cable do I get? Sorry for being such a noob. I really don't know anything yet.


  • Will this chip work for my ATMEGA32?

    They're about half price of what digikey sells them for.

  • Just follow the list in the doc section.
    ATmega is fine, can't help you with local us dealers for headers.

  • Thanks for all the help, found everything, and updated the spread sheet with proper links.

  • I don't know if you're still looking for a parts list jredsmyth but I've found FlipMu's arduinome pages to be very helpful.

  • Oh man, @Kite, that would have been helpful! I just got done making my own version of pretty much that exact same list, spread sheet style (check it out above.) Thanks anyways.