WTB: monome 256

  • Looking for a monome 256! I'm a software developer/musician living in the United States and I've outgrown my 64. Anyone?

  • This one is on Ebay currently:


  • There are currently 3 for sale on this board.




  • Yes, I'm very aware of those that are currently being listed, but just hoping to see if there are any others on this forum that are possibly looking to downgrade (as those are going quick and judging by the lack of activity, I'm assuming they've all sold already). If need be, I'd be willing to part with my 64. But thanks for the help!

  • just trying to help, I know this board isn't always the easiest to navigate.

    Last time i looked a lot of the ones for sale hadn't sold, plenty of interest but no sale. So it's worth asking the seller just in case.

  • http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&Item=260570893955&Category=29552&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26its%3DI%26otn%3D2#ht_500wt_1182

  • i got one for grabz.. 256 that is. 1400