How do you organise your samples?

  • So, I've downloaded my MCRP4 samples; and I'm beginning to sort through them - but really my sample folders are becoming a bit of a mess. I had things in folders - "Drum Loops", "Noise", "Song Samples" - but now I've got samples that fall into more than one category... it's all getting a bit much!

    I remember reading that one of Kieran Hebden's secrets was the way he collected his samples.

    How do you organise your samples?

  • i have folders like you. maybe there is a tasty bit of software out there that allows you to tag samples which would solve the more than one category problem. quick playback of them would be nice too...

  • If youre on a Mac then this is really useful, lets you tag samples so you can search by tags, categories, etc etc. Also has batch editing capabilities which are handy to have.

  • i have all of my samples on a separate drive and i keep them in folders mostly by instrument or by source.

    i don't really have a good organization scheme... mostly i just know where everything is. :)

    but you could definitely use the meta features of WAV to tag your samples.

  • I'm a firm believer that there is some major form of mental telepathy that works in waves. Too many times I have wondered something, search on the forum, only to have someone ask the exact same question posted a day or two later.

    So yeah, I'll check out the mac software. Thanks for the tip ^_^

  • I've played around with samplemanager a bit; but I'm not terribly impressed - no clear tagging mechanism; it keeps playing around with my files (changing the 'last modified dates') without me asking it to; and randomly freezing and 'processing' files when I switch to it.

    Maybe it'll get better.

  • I came across this - some ideas in here. I use Maschine so perhaps Kore is a potential sample manager for me?

  • Did someone say "organize" and "samples" in the same sentence? I didn't know those concepts were compatible, at least not in my world.

  • i use this, it's great.

  • There has to be a way of doing this... Since reading this thread, its been driving me crazy.

    Anyone had success using Spotlight Comments? I'm trying to implement a combination of that plus OpenMeta.

    - Create a Tagging system using Snow Leopard's Services which, when launched, would prompt for tags. Copy these tags to both Spotlight and OpenMeta data.

    - Use something like Leap or Tags to browse through the samples' openmeta data.

    - Or smart folders could be used in Spotlight to browse.

    Anyone mastered a similar combo?

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    -Dostoevsky: 'Notes From The Underground'

  • Mixed in key can be a great system to organize using

  • There's a nice vid here on using finder and ableton.

  • @declutter That's smart stuff. Thanks for the lead.

  • No problem Chris. Good thread resurrection. Still haven't worked out how to organise my samples.

  • A conundrum.

  • i´m using traktor 2.5 to tag all my samples in order to use my samples nicely tagged in the remix decks within traktor 2.5. even drag and drop samples directly from traktor into ableton is possible.

  • alas, for the lack of id3 tag support in lives browser...

  • depends entirely on the context...

    am i organizing samples for a drum kit?
    one-shots and small loops can be broken into kit folders (909 kit, 808 kit, Cheetah Polar Bear kit) or type folders (kicks, hats, baby makers, etc).
    making drum kits = fun.