live authorizations

  • sorry for non-monome question, but does anyone know off-hand how many computers can one authorize with a single purchase of Live 8/m4l?

  • one. But in good faith they give you two licenses, but you can only have live open on one computer at a time. For example, you can authorize your copy of live on your mobile computer and authorize a copy on a at home production computer. You will not be able to have ableton open on both computers at the same time though. This is at least what they claim. I have a feeling though that you might be able to have both copies open and useable at the same time. But either way, the second serial isn't meant to be used on another computer in the first place. They offer the purchase of a second, fully useable serial for a discounted price ( i think its about half the price you pay for live).

  • That is so stupid! Even when you do the right thing and pay for your software they try to tell you what you can or cannot do with it. If I intend using one computer to produce and two laptops to DJ style mix Live sets, I need to buy two more licences..? phhht!
    It should be "Thanks for all your money...Now have some fun!"
    I'm actually a little worried I might have used my other registration when I disabled hypertheading on my i7...?
    To be fair, it isn't just Ableton whos registration procedures are anal...

    end rant/

    (not that I'm at all suggesting you do it, but I'm pretty sure you can "accidentaly" forget to exit Live on one computer before you launch it on your other computer and nothing goes poof.)

  • I think if you stick to the letter of the license, Ableton say that they're happy that you have Live installed on two machines at once, since you may have one for gig work and a desktop machine for home/studio use. They just take it on trust that you won't use it on both machines simultaneously. They cover the 'two computers to DJ' scenario in the manual and, in that instance you'd need to buy another license.

  • could anyone tell me if the same can be done for multiple computers on a single max licence?

    apparently so:

    "While Cycling ‘74 limits the total number of computers a user can authorize, our single-user license agreement does allow multiple authorizations, as long as the software is only running on one personal computer at a time."

  • If you need more Ableton licenses, just email them and ask. I've done it a number of times:

    *Once for running on a desktop Mac, desktop PC, and a laptop

    *Twice when I've upgraded my hard drive and Live recognized the computer configuration/ID had changed.

    They're really responsive about the requests and have no problem accommodating you for legitimate reasons.

  • thanks..everyone.