October 15

  • Is that still the planned ship date for the early orders? Have you decided on a shipping method? Will we be receiving tracking numbers?

    Looking forward to the grand arrival!

  • we're starting to ship out this week slowly, with a big shipment on monday (15th) and the following days. we'll be shipping probably every other day after that as we assemble. we're hoping to get them out the door as quickly as possible, and currently our only holdup is one supplier (wood bases).

    shipping is via UPS. you will receive a confirmation e-mail and tracking number.

  • wow. moving fast.
    pics please from the lucky new owners

  • ups says she's in my paws tomorrow.

    spent a bit of time today repatching mlr in anticipation.

    i'll post pics/video when i come up for air.

  • :(
    all yalls sum lucky people