Nerve Monome Integration...?

  • Hi Steve,
    is it possible to get more information about the way the Monome is integrated in Nerve? How can i edit nerve params with it? By the way the Order system on yout site seems to be broken.


  • Which bit of the order system? I don't think there's any units for sale at the moment.

    What is Nerve?

  • think he's trying to talk to steve duda. might help to be ha little more precise ;)

  • Hi Malte,

    Yes, Nerve is not yet for sale. The website is getting completely re-done (or should I say done) at the moment and should go live next week hopefully.

    Nerve has a unique build for the 256 for the purposes of my live sets. I'll give this away to Nerve customers via the registered user forum (once Nerve is out and the forums are up, next month). It has a dedicated mapping right now (attached). I might manage to get around to further OSC integration as I'd love a virtual GUI for the lemur.

    Nerve is a "software drum machine" I've spent a good portion of the last year on... you can see my videos at

    everyone is invited to follow the twitter
    or facebook group

  • Thanks for the Infos Steve. Do you use Nerve as a Live Tool too? From the Video it looks more like a cool production tool. Is the a LTG Mode in Nerve? Looking forward to ckeck it out...

  • Man, really looking forward to a good new DAW drum sequencer especially since you've made a friendly 256 interface!

  • @Malte, yes I use Nerve live in my sets. As of now my DJ sets don't really need much more than percussion parts I can add spontaneously and jam on with the repeater... its a less-is-more approach somewhat (but the LED's look pretty insane operating).

    I'll plan to get Molar on the 256 and nerve on the Lemur eventually. There isn't really an LTG mode (there technically via MIDI, but for entire patterns)

    @emergencyofstate - cheers!

  • Hey, it's April tomorrow! :) How's this coming?