!Switch - New App/Utility for Monomeserial

  • !Switch is New Utility style Application for the Monome and Monomeserial...

    Basically its a Max/MSP utility for Monomeserial which allows you to do on-the-fly switching of Prefixes, Column Offsets, Row Offsets and cable orientations via keystrokes...Documentation included in the download.

    Have Fun!



  • i've been crossing my fingers for this one! thanks so much

  • I'm curious if you have to have this app or monoserial actually in focus in order to do the switch. the only reason I think this might be the case is cause I was sorta guessing that this does an auto qwerty type and enter type of function which would require the application to be in focus to recieve the keystrokes.

  • @devism-

    Yer Welcome!

    @Johnisfaster - Well yes and No, If your using other Max/MSP apps with it, then as long as a Max/MSP app is in Focus then it will work fine. But if your using a chuck app or VST... then you have to have the !Switcher ( or again any max app ) in the forground. Ill probably add MIDI triggering sometime soon if i see enough interest.
    Where i find the best usage for this with me 128 is for apps like Boiinngg, or Flin, where i can jump/add columns by using the column offset, or even MLR where i can add more rows. Not to useful with something like monochrome/Molar that has functions that span the entire face of the 256. Also, the prefix switching is useful for all Max/MSP apps, which i find are the majority of apps round here....

  • please MIDI triggers! I have a few objects on my table that could easily be a switcher and send midi.
    The column and row offsets is a good idea for 128/256 owners, thanks for posting I'll test it tonight.

  • well, currently if it has to be in the foreground then I don't have alot of use for it as I'm using bomes in ableton live to do various things which obviously needs to be in the foreground to recieve keystrokes.

    but it sounds like a very very useful app for other people. if you get it set up for midi triggering let me know as this would definetly make it more useful for me

  • Midi Triggering sound very useful.

  • +1 for midi triggering!

  • yup. +1 for midi triggering