wanted 2xbibo boards

  • Hey guys, I'm uk based, looking for two bibo boards. Anyone have these for sale?

  • speak to the man himself, bibo has some i think

  • I've got 2 I bought last summer. Can't see me building in the near future. Cost me £46 for the 2. Where are you located - I'm in Midlands.

  • Hi Dean, do you have bibos email addy? Cheers

  • @oldanalogger where did you buy these from to cost so much?

    @marto search "bibo" >user on the forum and message him from there, have to respect his privacy so i cant give it to you. Im sure if u message him through the forum he'll be more than happy to help.

  • @deanjkd - from bibo - cost €23 each with postage - bought one then decided on second so paid postage twice :-(

    @ marto - his email is in the threads. Cheaper from him if you buy 2 and only 1 postage charge - may be could do a deal if you're interested.

  • @oldana ah gotcha man! have you built any monome/arduinome? or bought the pcb and gave up?

  • @dean got a 40h 2+ years ago - still having great fun with it. Found a 40h logic kit and then the bibos - never really made progress with the kits.
    Monome's amazing tho' - highly recommended!