edison in portland (%)

  • killin it. keep killin it. I didnt get a chance to talk either of you last night, but both of you are killin it. Im just gonna keep say killin it because last night the monomes were killing it. killin it. word.


  • Your lucky that you got to check it out. I was going to catch the San Francsico show with _murray, but there was confussion witht he dates. Lets just say my week sucked therefore after, becasue I knew that THEY WERE KILLIN IT!!!


  • killin it. word

  • you there?

  • whoa!
    thanks a lot
    I had lots of fun... was humbled by the compliments... got much drunk.... and would come back anytime!
    you keep killing it too!

  • ~yes, twas a blast! we had sooo mannnyy buttttooonns up there!

    let's do it again, sometime, somewhere, soon.

  • @edison: do you have anything planned for when you return back to the bay?

  • I have a bunch of video and audio from this show, both Edison and %'s sets for the audio. Just waiting to get the OK to post them. :-)

  • looking forward to said footage!