NY + East Coast Monome Love 4/19-Princeton NJ

  • East Coast Monome Google Group:

    First Meet up 4/19-Princeton NJ 12PM

    So Im really digging all of these monome crews getting together. Gotta get something rolling in ( but not limited to ) the NY area, So if you want to meet up to share monome and all types of music & creative love and what not post here... Or hit me up at:
    mhatsys -At- gmail

    We can def use my space to meet up, or if anyone has any other ideas plese let me know...
    - !

  • Princeton, NJ

    I think I'm going to try to organize a Monomers meeting here sometime this spring. I've got access to a couple of spaces that we could potentially use, including a recording studio if we wanted to lay down some jams. I'm pretty much smack dab in the middle of NYC and Philly - two huge populations to draw from.

    All the So-Cal Monome love is making me jealous, east coast needs to get this going too.

  • I'm in Newark, DE and would gladly drive up to NJ/NYC if it means making some monome-babies

    arribaud at gmail dot com

    keep me in the loop if you will

  • I only have 16 buttons for 1 - 2 months, but I'm just outside the city in jersey.

  • Brick, NJ, about an hour & ten drive from NYC, and by train its even shorter.

    I'm down for anything!

  • Just gonna bump this for all of the new 64 and Kit users. def still want to get something going....

    To all of the peeps interested. send me an email at:
    mhatsys AT gmail DOT com
    letting me know your down and ill try my best to set something up.


  • man, im in new york, but 5 hours north!

  • I'm in Kearny, NJ, right next to harrison, if there's a monome gathering in the area, I'm down.

  • By my count we have:

    bangInclude (NJ)
    rawray7 (Princeton, NJ)

  • Count me in. I am in NYC, with no car, so I can get anywhere a train goes. Hopefully by then my carrying case will be ready.

  • April 19th should be no problem for me. as of now i have no way to get down to princeton, but ill look into a bus, train, if thats where we will meet. We can also, meet at my apt/studio. I have plenty of space and possibly the jersey and del peeps could carpool somehow. We could prob be loud until about 2 am or so. Im in Brooklyn, NY....I can also look for a place that we would be able to go till 4, i have a couple places in mind, i just have to look into it...

    Also, if everyone who is interested could email me at:
    mhatsys AT gmail DOT com
    also include your forum nic,

    ill send out an email about april 19th and the location.

    looking forward!!!

  • Hey -

    Saturday April 19th sounds great to me. I'm exited to meet up with all of you. I'm down to head out to Brooklyn if that's what's cooking, but I'm more than ready to host this event here.

    Pros for coming to Princeton:
    - I have access to a recording studio (which we can most likely have all day)
    - We can broadcast our session on WPRB 103.3 FM (on a later date)
    - Accessible via NJ Transit (From NYC: Penn Station -> Princeton Junction -> Princeton. From Philadelphia: Septa R7 -> Trenton -> Princeton Junction -> Princeton).
    - At least two people can crash here if need be

    Maybe we can even convince Brian and Kelli to join us...

    rawray7 AT gmail DOT com

    Let me know what you guys want to do.

  • Ok I talked to Raymond (rawray7) about this and we landed on 12PM at his studio in Princeton, NJ on April 19th.

    If anyone is interested, post your email address and we'll get directions out. Let us know if you have any transportation issues and maybe we can connect some local travelers and carpool or something.

    Looking forward to meeting you guys and making some tunes.

    edit: mailing list started here - http://groups.google.com/group/MonomeEast

  • works for me. I'd be taking the train from the city, so would need to get directions from the station. thanks raymond for hosting, this sounds great.

    email is fkmooney at yahoo period com

    website is http://www.geocities.com/fkmooney

  • Directions by NJTransit:

    Note: buy your ticket to *Princeton*, not Princeton Junction.

    okay - the only tricky thing about taking the train is that you will first get off at Princeton Junction and transfer to a two-car train (the dinky) for a 5-minute ride to Princeton. The dinky track is located about 50 feet away from the back of the train (coming from NYC). If you're coming from trenton (philly), you'll need to go under the tracks to get to the dinky. Or ask someone where the dinky is, they'll know. (If for some reason the dinky is broken, there will be a shuttle bus as a replacement. Do not take a cab...they will rip you off.)

    once you've arrived at Princeton, orient yourself: the end of the dinky track points north. walk north past lots of bikes to a path, turn right (east). follow the path to a rather large neo-gothic building (Whitman college), go over the bridge (YES!) and through the arch. Walk diagonally (southeast) through the quad and down the stairs. You should see a road (Elm drive), lots of construction and a kiosk. Walk past the kiosk, crossing Elm drive and you'll be at Bloomberg hall.

    Directions by car:

    From Route 1 exit Alexander road (from the Trenton direction you will make a left after exiting, crossing over Route 1). Follow Alexander road to the light at Faculty Road and make a right. Cross train tracks and make a left a the first roundabout. Make a left at a second roundabout (following signs to visitor parking). Follow the curve to the right around a large parking structure, visitor parking is in the lot (not the garage) next to Baker rink. Park. There is a parking structure behind you (south), Baker rink is east. Walk north to the path on the north side of Baker rink, and turn right (east). Follow the path to the kiosk, cross elm drive. You are at Bloomberg hall.

    by request:
    it might be easier to get your own directions to here, and then follow the rest of my directions (from turning right onto faculty road). alexander st = alexander rd.

    262 Alexander St, Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey 08544, United States

    Once you're at Bloomberg Hall:
    I'll probably have to just wait outside for people since you need an ID to get into the building. If we're already downstairs - call 609 258 1033 and ask the DJ to find me. Email me for cell phone info.

    This might help too, there's a pdf map: http://www.princeton.edu/main/visiting/

    More details to come...let me know if something is unclear.

  • i am in philly..
    i'll be away that weekend,
    but i haven't even finished the kit yet... damn enclosure.


  • Cool! The 19th it is. Gonna take the ol RR most likely, who else is shootin from the BK/NYC area?

  • I'll be coming from NYC. Haven't checked train schedule yet, but would be glad to coordinate.

  • I'll be driving up from Newark, DE and pass through Wilmington and Philly if anyone needs a ride. Hit me up at arribaud at gmail dot com

  • Hey kempton what part of new york are u from? im in brooklyn..had my monome for about 2 weeks... I can hit up the train to princeton, nj but id rather go with someone...dont feel like going alone and getting lost..so anyone from ny hit me up...i talked to banginclude a bit..gotta get some more info..

  • Simcitizzon -- I'm in Brooklyn too, just got a 128 last week, and that weekend is looking good for me. My email's in my profile. I'll be taking the train too.

  • I'm in manhattan. For those taking the train, we could all just meet at Penn. Should be easy to find each other on the train, assuming we all manage to get on the same one. By my count that's 4 on the train from NYC, maybe we can get a mini session going en route.....

  • ok....i can make it now..

  • So for those travelling from NYC Penn, here's the train schedule:


    depending when things plan to get started, there is a 1:14 train that get s in at 2:30. Anybody know when the party starts?

  • 12PM is what we said but people will be trickling in I'm sure.

    I'll be getting in at 10AM to set up with Raymond and perform a few tracks live.

    Make sure you're on the mailing list here: http://groups.google.com/group/MonomeEast

    and I'll send out my cell # and some other contact info next week so we can keep organized.

  • In this studio...would there happen to be any turntables? because i'm a scratch dj..i could bring some records and we can record some scratches and put them into a session...and i can basically play anything from these records, doesnt have to be some crazy scratches...let me know.. :p

  • Also..I joined the list on the google groups, but i tried to send an email to get on the mailing list, but I got a return email saying I have to be a member..not sure how to do it :-\ Any help?

  • I'll join the Google Group ASAP. Is there still room? I def. still want to come!

    also, is this solely a monome equipment only event, or can I bring my midi controller and guitar? Because my monome is more a part of my overall setup than just a single entity in my live performing and recording.

  • Hah, i dont think you're going to be barred from entrance if you want to bring some other gear ;) If we have some guitar players I'd love to get an accoustic / monome jam going.

    It does bring up a good point of how much space we have available which I'm not sure about.

    Ray can you answer that for us? Is there going to be room for all of us + gear?

    Edit: just realized he already answered this in an email to me a while back: "I'm sure we'll be able to fit everyone in the studio - we can have at least 7 people playing simultaneously (probably more) and a couple people in the room with the mixer board"

  • Alright, since this will be a group experience I'll bring a guitar so whoever plays it can take turns jamming; just think about it, we can loop riffs and just have a great jam.

    I have a PRS Custom 24, a Fender Jag 64 reissue, or an Epiphone Sheraton II...which one would you guys prefer to play? I wouldn't mind sharing at all, and that way we'd have less clutter if we shared.

    So in total, all I am going to bring is my guitar, monome, macbook pro, axiom 25, and novation remote zero sl.

    OH! Would I need to bring an amp for that guitar or is there one at the space?

  • thats a butt load of stuff to bring..have fun carrying all that lol...all i need to know if there are any turntables there..ready for scratching ;P

  • Hey, guys. I just came up with an idea that I think would be good for us all.

    In this thread, or in the google group, we should try to think of some ways to warm up. My idea is to agree on three different tempos in different keys (such as one song at 100bpm, in the key of Cminor), so we can all create loops that will agree with each other and will make the starting process easier and more fun, and as we go on during the jam we can venture off into more crazier territory. We could also collect all of our loops into zips and share them with each other so we can make our own variations of other people's loops and present them at the meet-up.

    What do you all think?

  • @ simcitizzon
    If I just bring my guitar, axiom, novation, monome, and laptop, it usually all fits in a duffle bag, with the guitar in my backpack case, so it's really not bad at all.

    Another idea is maybe we should pre-arrange people to bring the extra equipment such as keyboards, guitars, and controllers so that we could all share as we switch up positions, cause none of us will be using all those instruments at the same time most likely. I wouldn't mind bringing my stuff; I need to practice getting used to this setup since my first show is on the 26th.

  • alright no doubt sleeping..i like a devoted monomer like you :) cant wait till this ish goes down lol

  • ;-)

    anyways, when everybody reads my comments, please discuss whether we should do it or not.

  • First thing first: Can I get a head count? Not on the boards here, email me ( preferably with "Monome 4/19" in the subject). If you are going to need to crash at Princeton, please let me know in the email (I'm imagining this would only be a couple people, I've got space for 2-3). rawray7 AT gmail DOTT com

    The skinny on the recording studio:
    I just recorded a 5 person band in there yesterday with 1.5 drumsets, multiple keyboards, guitars, amps etc. and a some room to spare. So this is a decent sized studio, but not huge. I think we'll definitely have enough space to do what we need to do...assuming 10 more people don't tag along before next saturday.

    EVERYONE will need:
    -A way of getting their audio output to 1/4" or xlr. I'm assuming this isn't too much to ask on these boards.
    -Headphones (with 1/4" adapter). I have a few pairs.
    -Their regular set-ups (incl MIDI controllers and whatnot). Please make sure that you are comfortable with the set-up you are going to bring. No need to bring new gear you don't know how to use yet (unless its a monome, then we can teach you). we don't have time for extra trouble-shooting.

    It would be great if EVERYONE prepared some NEW samples - specifically with the idea of multiple users doing different things with the same samples. These sample sets could be a great way to "warm up". In particular, I think its going to be important to focus on more textural samples. With this many people, everyone doing highly rhythmic things will become extremely obnoxious. To put it differently, I'd rather err on the side of ambient than hyphy.

    If you are going to bring guitars - your best bet is to bring an amp. There are no amps in the studio. I have a bass amp that could be used for this, but I may have to use that amp for monitoring, etc. If you cannot bring an amp, we could potentially still make it work, but I'm not making any promises.

    If you are going to bring turntables: make sure no one else is bringing turntables. I think 1 set of tables could potentially be really cool, there won't be space for more (especially if we've got guitar stuff in there). There are about 10,000 records in the studio to sample from, so it'll be sweet. If you've got some monitor speakers - bring them. the more sound re-enforcement options, the better.

    Item Requests:
    Video Camera
    Monitor Speakers (if you're driving only, and if they aren't huge PA speakers).
    USB Thumb Drives - bring them - we're going to be distributing samples
    More as I think of them...

    Questions/Comments/Details should stay in this thread. RSVPs should be emailed.
    This is going to be nuts...

  • we're aiming to start at noon on the 19th? if so, count me in!

    I'll bring my monome64, ultralite, macbook and maybe some guitar pedals.

    I may or may not be driving to princeton. I live in kearny so I'm close to the path and could train it, but don't have a "gear back pack" set up yet, so I'm leaning towards driving, in which case I could probably car pool some folks, especially if you are in jersey and want to bring a keyboard or something similar.

    I'm a electroacoustic & harsh noise guy at heart and am really curious about how to apply the monome to improvised music that eschews rigid time division grids. I also love dance music so it's fun as hell to play with in that field, but abstract / noise is where I focus all my "serious" work & releases.

    also, if anyone is developing using supercollider, i'd be really interested in getting some help wrapping my head around using it with the Monome. And with max/msp for that matter. Looks like Max 5 is being released on the 22cd!

  • Since I'm driving from Brick, NJ, if anyone is taking the train to Princeton or needs a pickup somewhere between Brick and Princeton, I'd be willing to pick 2 or 3 people up from the train station or wherever and drive to the studio.

    I def. wouldn't mind bringing a guitar or two, but the only amp I have is a half stack, which would be a little too much I would think. Would anyone mind bringing a smaller amp? I can just bring my old combo amp from the 70s that i got and just use amp sims on my guitar pedal or use guitar rig or something...hrm.

    Another idea I have is rather than electric, how about I bring an acoustic, and we mic it up, so we can loop riffs back through MLR?

    and rawray7, how about the idea of preparing new samples at specific tempos and keys at least, so we're not all discombobulated when we play; unless that's the goal. :-)

    I'll also bring a flash drive or two!

    EDIT: one last idea about preparing samples, could we also try to decide on some samples before we get there? We could really cut down time if we figure all that out before the 19th.

  • That is correct: Noon on the 19th.

    I hope directions are more or less clear. I've emailed a map to the gmail list.

  • yea...you guys just keep hyping me up for this...just let me know if theres at least one turntable, i could bring my rane mixer and just hook it up and throw on my shure needles and definitely make samples on the spot...im assuming theres a turntable since you mentioned there are tons of records...Assaun im also a big fan of abstract noises and such, thats mainly the reason i got a monome..just to funk out lol

  • anyone have an MPC or Trigger Finger? that'd be cool to have there.

    EDIT: Also, since the train station is so close I wouldn't mind bussing people back and forth so they wouldn't have to walk with their gear.

  • The walk from the train station doesn't sound bad as long as it's not raining. If it is, I'll definitely welcome a ride.

    I'm going to record a few samples this weekend, probably mostly on my pedal steel. Maybe there's a four-chord progression we could base a jam on? A single chord? I'll see what I come up with on my own, but if anyone wants to throw something out there I can try it.

  • @ sleepingcitizens - oenthing I ahve doen at past jams involving a monome is to use mlr to do live looping with acoustic instruments, like a guitar. some of teh results, esp with guitar, have been great.

  • I'll bring a DV camera and a tripod.

    This really is going to be nuts.

  • Guys, I've run into a snag...you can read all about it in this post:


    If I can't fix it by then, is there anyone with the soldering skills and know-how who could fix this for me? I've never soldered let alone did anything like this and don't want to risk making the situation worse. If not, and I'm not able to fix it by the 19th, i'd still like to come just to absorb what's going on and just get to meet fellow monomers.

    EDIT: tehn is sending me a new logic board, and I only live an hour or so away from Philly, so it should be here in no time! No worries, everyone!

  • This looks like it could be turning into a band rather than a crew.

    I think the idea of a monome band is great.

    Imagine: A Couple of monomes working on beats using sequencer patches, decks Vs MLR for samples, guitars for chord structues/as a source for live sampling into monomes, a couple monomes doing ambient/textures with other patches like flin/press cafe could work out well.

    I think you'd need to decide or experiment on what patches and monome models everyone uses for different aspect. With a band its easy to have the bassist do bass lines, the keyboardist do ambient and the drummer drum. When everyone is using a monome i imagine it'll becomes a bit harder to figure that out. Anyone who's tried to start a band with three guitarists will know that...

    Make sure you get some recordings if you can't get any vids done, i'm really interested to see how this works in practice, as it's something i might like look towards when i get my monome, UK based though.

  • I've been engaged in writing a paper about the Monome community (I can provide an early draft if interested). At present I've just interviewed several users in this general area (including Brian and Kelli). Philly is just a short train ride away. This sounds like a fun occasion, I'll see you guys there.

  • @davimre

    I'd love to see that, if you want to IM me on AIM: sleepingcitizens
    my email is andrew.gallagher@gmail.com


    I've been making music by myself for the past two years, everything before that were with bands or another person or two, but I haven't played a live show since my major band 3 years ago. Needless to say, though making music solo leaves the door open to do whatever one wants without someone else preventing...it also closes the door in aspects of having a 2nd opinion or idea that could really craft a song or concept.

    I have been looking for someone or multiple people to start something with, not just to make songs,b ut the whole shebang (live shows, videos, all that good stuff.[i'm currently working on a visual element for my shows as well but that's on the backburner til i finish the record]) but for now, I rely on myself...

    IF anyone in this area wanted to start a band or is looking for another member, OR just wants to do a fun collab. I've play piano since I was 8, and also play guitar, bass, sing, drums, of course monome and all that good electronic stuff as well.

  • "Also, since the train station is so close I wouldn't mind bussing people back and forth so they wouldn't have to walk with their gear."

    It will actually take you longer to drive between the two points than to walk. The walk is less than 5 minutes from the Train Station to Bloomberg Hall.

    I have a map that I've emailed to the google group, but if you didn't get it, email me. The boards won't let me post images.

  • I went ahead and added the map to the welcome message so everyone should be able to see it.

    Thanks for putting that together.

  • anyone have a backpack recommendation for carrying gear in?

    ideally, would like to fit:
    monome 64
    13" MacBook in a protective sleeve
    motu ultralite
    eventide timefactor
    2 DOD guitar pedals
    guitar cables and power supplies.

    just thinking about putting all of that in a backpack makes my back ache.