Need help with Lemur network connection. PLEASE HELP

  • I got a Lemur not to long ago and have been slowly working it into my setup. I use it with a Quad Core computer running Windows XP Pro and began to notice a lot of lag with certain projects that other Lemur users had no problem running perfectly. Then, when I tried loading a few Ableton Live sets with MU that weren't even very large, it froze ableton and the MU device said there was a connection problem. The firewall is turned off and I'm using the crossover Ethernet cable that was sent with the Lemur. I even bought another crossover ethernet cable hoping that the cable was the problem. When I go into the control panel and open "Network connections" the "Local Area Connection" says "limited or no connectivity". It's Status shows that the speed of the connection is only 10.0 Mbps. I have no other network connections enabled and the ethernet port on my computer is a Gigabit (10/100/1000) ethernet port. I'm a monome user as well, and even though these are Lemur questions, I know how great this community is and I'm grateful for any help or advice you guys can give me.

  • Any Lemur users who have installed the Lemur on Windows XP, and got a connection speed of 100 mbps? Please walk me through it.

  • Rough guess, you have your pc network card set to DHCP, and the Lemur also probably uses DHCP.
    Since you use a crossover cable, neither your Lemur nor PC can find a valid DHCP Server, thus, none get a valid static IP and fall back in the 169.x range, probably causing heratic behaviors

    Try to :
    - set a static IP on the PC and the Lemur (assuming the Lemur has a way to set static IP .. I don't see why not ?), something like and with a netmask of
    - second option, buy a cheapola router, and let it do the DHCPD for you, it will assign IP's to both PC and Lemur fine
    - third option, if your PC has two ethernet cards, and you have the net on the first card, and Lemur on second, turn on internet connection sharing for the first ethernet card of your windows PC, so that win will set 192.168.x.1 on the second ethernet, and serve as basic DHCPD for the devices on that interface (ie: the Lemur) ...

    good luck

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