Too many routing issues

  • Hi,

    I have a monome 128 made with two 40kit and an arduinome 64.
    i'm looking for a solution to switch from a prefix to another independently on both monome 128 and 64.

    I'm using ableton live 8 with maxforlive and both m4l and max5 patches (waiting that some of them get converted into m4l because of unmanageable sync problems).

    Here's the troubleshouting i got with the different solution i tried:

    -Pages: was a (maybe the) good solution but is not working on Mac OSX 10.6 because java 5 is not in snow leopard (java vs mac osx long story of incompatibilities).

    -Monoroute: no arduinome support therefore not for me

    -Autoconfig: is the one i like the less, because it's the one chosen for most max4live apps

    1-I cannot run my 2 monome 40h as one 128 because mine is composed with two 40h with different cable orientation, or because the device button can select only one software.
    2-Focus is always On so whatever i configured before i just have to retype the prefixes for the three monomes.
    Solution: changing the ports, but therefore it's impossible to know the prefixes of the app.

    -Monoswitch: cool and simple solution but for only one monome and it work quite randomly and it's impossible to use with m4l app.

    -Switcher: only for a 64

    -Hub: quite complex to set up but seems to be a good solution support any grid, prefix, listen and host port, it's possible to save presets.
    But no possibility to select the grid with hotkeys.

    Does anybody have the same problems? and what solutions did you chose?(except selling your monomes and buying a banjo)