Making a new version of ArduinomeSerial

  • Hi,

    After trying several routing solutions i didn't find any that fit my needs.
    I have two monome 40h that use as a 128 and arduinome.
    Routing since i got my double 40h as started to be quite inflexible.

    Being a bit familiar with the C language and C++
    I'm currently thinking about coding a more flexible interface for the arduinome serial with routing options.

    -Storable Config in a XML file.

    -Each Config will be able to contain a variable number of settings for each monomes with all the parameter already available in arduinomeserial:
    prefix,host port,listen port, cable orientation, offsets,...

    -Midi notes will be able to trigger a Setting with a learn button.

    Is there some people out there interested by those functionalities

  • I'd be interested, but am currently a Windows user, and you're probably not. So, extra work porting and compiling and all that.

    Also note, your work might only be a stopgap until this other stuff comes to pass:

    One more feature to think about: Right now, switching from OSC to MIDI affects every device arduinomeSerial is communicating with. It'd be great to set that mode on a device-by-device basis, the same way you set apps on a device-by-device basis.

  • monomeserial/arduinomeserial is not terribly difficult to hack if you know c and c++

    is your main dillema having to run both monome serial and arduinome serial at the same time? if so, you could probably hack a version that sees both with far far less development time than rolling your own from scratch.

    storable config in an xml file is a really good idea though.

    also, have you checked out serial-pyio?

  • @GreaterThanZeroyep
    that's what i meant with :

    ... settings for each monomes with all the parameter already available in arduinomeserial:
    prefix,host port,listen port, cable orientation, offsets,...

    I've seen this thread but i'm not sure that it's what i'm waiting for.
    I want something simple, graphic, fast and reliable enough for a live context.

  • Soundcyst is right. Serial-pyio does all of that:

    - Handle Arduinome and Monome devices
    - Routing function to handle multi applications. There is also a "Quadrant" function to split bigger monomes.
    - Store configuration in XML files. You can have as much configuration as you like. Config include, device orientation, offset, applications ports, adresses
    - Midi functions are there too.

    Check out the dev version on sourceforge: .


  • @Soundcyst
    arduinomeserial actually works with both arduinome and monome devices.
    It's just that i can't plug my monomes in the same order everytime before launching it.
    And because of that the devices' order is mixed up and the config too :/

    I'm actually just thinking about adding some management functionalities to arduinomeserial, and a more friendly interface.

    I tried serial pyio, it looks great but it doesn't work with arduinomes.
    I might have missed something but I didn't find anything about arduinome in the documentation and the wiki seem to have some SQL issues.
    I tried adding a 40h but maybe the arduinomes appear within the adding 64 dialog.
    Finally I didn't find a way to trigger a config with a midi note.
    I'm on Mac OSX maybe the midi modules aren't available for it.

  • I tried the last svn repository version but it doesn't start at all
    So i used the last one i could get

    Here's a screenshot of what i'm getting.

    The app in the console tell that it sees the arduinome a-40h-001

    found a new port /dev/tty.usbserial-a40h-001 []
    found a new port /dev/tty.usbserial-m40h-001 []
    found a new port /dev/tty.usbserial-m40h-002 []

    But when i wanna add the arduinome the port isn't in the list

  • Hmmm while you're at it.. If you feel like adding IOBluetooth support .. I can send you the schematics to plug a bluetooth module to your arduino..
    I have it all fine, aside the arduinomeserial mod so it'll check for BT devices aswell...

  • Mac OS is not very much tested at the moment. You must have python2.6. It should work normally. Though you'll not have Midi functions. I do not have access to a mac to compile the lib...
    Can you send me the log file ? It's located in your home dir, in the .serial-pyio dir.



  • @jul
    Thanks i'll try this out tonight.I'll send you that log.

    I also managed to make Pages working again (by installing java 5)and it's the best solution since then.

    My setup is the following

    8001 and 8081 ports to communicate with pages
    prefix: /128 for left and right part of my double40h with the correct offset and cable orientation. And /64 for the arduinome.
    In page i created two configuration, one for each prefixes.

    Still got one problem coming from arduinome that got mixed up with memorizing the settings. It shuffles some parameter when the device order is different from last time, which happens nearly all the time.

    So finally i think I'll have to make some readjustment cause it seems to load the last config according to device's position in the list which is surely not the way it should be done. That's one of the minor fixes that can be done quite easily I think.

    The other fix I wanna do is to automatically reset the led matrix everytime the prefix has been changed.

    I tend to simplify everything the serial pyio seems great but it's one more application to rely on.

    Max5+Ableton Live+ Maxforlive+Arduinomeserial+Pages
    Too much application tend to complicate everything

    Ideally i would have:
    Ableton Live+ArduinomeSerial(with multiple routing ability)+ MaxforLive