help: 1 button push triggers whole column

  • Hey everyone, I just finished my 128 with Bibo boards and chips flashed by tehn. Everything seems to be working fine, and this problem is probably super simple and just a small error on my part somewhere. But, here's the deal:

    Setup up my serial numbers on each um245r as m40h-001, and m40h-002 respectively. Not sure if that's how it's supposed to be as a 128 or not... ? Plug both usb cables in, run monoome serial and they both appear fine, I set their cable orientation and that is fine too. Now here's the problem: Whether in midi mode running directly to Ableton or Logic, or Midi Monitor; or in OSC mode running to monome_midi_128 (from the base files) I get a rapidly repeating series of notes and each row of 16 is the exact same note configuration. The main problem is the constant triggering of all note within the 8-tall column though. Some columns trigger for longer , and some stop after a few random triggers (even if I keep pressing the button)...

    My system is a MacBook Pro unibody with 4gbs of RAM, and Core 2 Duo 2.53ghz processor running osX 10.5.8

    I hope this makes sense to someone. If it doesn't, just tell me I make no sense, and then I'll post a video of the problem.

  • Ok, so this ( explains my problem perfectly. But: every single button is doing this, not just a few. I checked for solder bridges and didn't see any. Do think it's all caused by my ribbon cables?

  • do the LEDs work fine?

    use monome_test.mxb for testing, from monome_base

  • @tehn , no, the LEDs are not working properly. they jitter and flash of their own accord and seems to be in no relation to the note triggering whatsoever. I triple checked for solder bridges and I don't think I have any. I've also tried many different ribbon cables, but they all could be bad as I had trouble with the end connectors on those. Any ideas?