Excitement for my gs128

  • I'm getting incredibly anxious about getting my gs128 in may. I want to learn as much i can about patches that work really well for the 128.

    Any ideas/resources/links ??

  • http://docs.monome.org/doku.php?id=app

  • i want to rephrase my question, 128 owners out there...what are some things that have worked well for you? splitting the monome up to use multiple patches or anything else that you wish someone told you that you had to learn yourself?

    I know the beauty of the monome is that it can do whatever you want it to, but i'd love to hear about some interesting patch uses or combinations...

  • Well let me ask you this... Is this your first monome?

  • Molar...But that's all I use. I live a sheltered life...

  • i've been messing around with mlr on a launchpad and an bliptronic arduinome.

  • I figured I'd give this a bump. Hopefully united parcel smashers will have 50 of these to hand out this week.

  • @gurulogic
    you've earned Molar guru status by now...no?

  • Oh yeah 7up loves the 128 more than any other monome.

  • I love the 128, I think it has the perfect combination of control density (with the 16 steps) and limited variety (8 rows limits how many samples or instruments you can get out of it), it forces you to be complex with few possiblities. I'm keen to get my hands on the new model...