MLR V and recording like in the aes edit?

  • hi everyone,
    i just wanted to ask because i found no information, is there now a record function in MLRV like it is in the AES mlr2 edit?
    thanks a lot!

  • would be really great to know!
    i just watched again, and i can not find anything related to a pre roll when recording in mlrV.
    is this true, and if so, why hasnĀ“t it been implemented?

  • not in there...
    wait a few weeks...

  • did this one for someone. it's got a preroll thing and a live-like looper for variable length starting loops...

  • Has anyone tried modifying the latest mlrv 2.5 to include this preroll feature?

    I can get max at the upgrade price (I got a max4 license for real cheap a while ago) and I'm wondering if it's something I can figure out. I'm way past the 30 day demo on max6 and still consider myself a novice. It would definitely make mlrv2 perfect for me.