Troubles with Livecontrol

  • Hi guys - I am a beginner in need of a bit of help.

    I have a 40h kit with sparkfun buttons and a bibo board. I am running Monomeserial 0.20 on Mac Snow Leopard. I have Livecontrol - not sure of the revision.

    I finally got basic functioning - the lights and button presses are registering. I can select the different apps - clip launcher, etc. The clip launcher, looper, etc all function properly. However, I can't seem to get the scaled keyboard to work. It functions on the monome correctly but I can't seem to get sound out of Live. I have tried selecting different inputs, but no sound.

    I'm also unsure of how to get the sequencer working. I don't have the sequencer program listed in my config file (livecontrol.txt in my home directory) and when I try and add it to the list, everything stops working.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Sequencer documentation is out of date, i'll fix that soon! You need an iac driver / midi yoke to use the scaled keyboard.

  • Hey - thanks ST8. By the way, Livecontrol is pretty awesome - I really appreciate the work you've put into it.

    I have IAC drivers set up - is there some trick to setting it up to work with the scaled keyboard?

  • I'm still having troubles - I feel like I am missing some fundamental understanding of what is going on.

    If I alter the livecontrol.txt config file in my home directory at all, the script ceases to work. If I just remove one of the programs it stops functioning completely.

    Also I can control functions in Live, but I still can't get any sound out. It appears to register the key presses (the small box in the top right corner of Live lights up on key presses) but no love. Is there some trick to setting up the IAC drivers for Livecontrol?

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Can you paste me your config file? The programs should be ", " (comma-space) separated, if they are not it may crash, i'll fix this soon :)

  • Here it is:

    width = 8
    height = 8
    programs = External, ClipLauncher, Looper, TrackControl, TrackFilter, DeviceControl, Scale

    mode = 0
    programs = MultiMode1, Looper

    mode = 1
    programs = ClipLauncherWH, TrackControlWH

    root = D
    scale = Natural Minor

    prefix = /ableton
    send = 8000
    receive = 8080

  • The weird thing is that if I just remove "External" from the program list everything stops working.

    If I use a much simpler config like:

    width = 8
    height = 8
    programs = ClipLauncher, Scale

    It doesn't work either.

  • For some bizarre reason, most everything is working now. I'm pretty sure I didn't change anything, so it must have been the gum drop ferry and her magical dust bunnies.

    The only thing not working is the Sequencer. There are only three buttons which are active in Sequencer mode: change program and the two buttons left of it on the bottom row. While change program still changes the program, the other two buttons (while they light up when pressed) accomplish nothing. All the other buttons are unresponsive.

    I'm actually pretty happy so far - having this up and going really is awesome! Now if only I could get that Sequencer working (it is one of the things I use most actually).

  • the sequencer app is abit tricky to understand but once you get it it works like a charm.. you have to create a midi clip first, and navigate the small red box that apears to it using the navigator buttons (the 4 left most of the bottom row while the menu is in "1" mode) make sure the clip is playing and you will see the magic chaselight running thru your monome :)

    hope this helps,

  • also just to really confuse you ive moved the button layout on the sequencer and not updated the docs.

    Second button from right at the bottom now brings up the velocity mode, and third button from the right shifts the clip selection up down left right

    this means you dont have to toggle through three modes to get to what you want which for me makes the whole thing much more usable. I'll try and update the docs today!

  • well that explains alot ;)

    any chance of making the seq "auto choose" the first available midi clip?

    thanks mister!

  • it should do in the latest version, it'll auto select the first midi track, and if the top slot is a clip i think it should select that?

    docs updated:

  • oh, was not aware of the updates! cool new site! ill check this out asap... thanks!

  • this is for st8 using monome grayscle 64 with live control for monome using with ableton when i am just using clip launcher the monome loses midi and have to goto preferences and select none then reselect live control can anyone help me with this

  • also am wondering when u push to launch on monome should it select track that you are launching