How to install pages mac os x

  • I tried installing pages a few weeks ago. I download eclipse and a java development kit. When I tried to update the plugins to get the subclipse plugin, i failed. i added in the actual path to the site and it wont connect. Is there a different ( better) way to install pages on max os x 10.5.8?

  • Have you watched the tutorial video?

    I'm reasonably sure that Mac OS X has what you need pre-installed - you should just follow the above video step by step and you should be good to go.

  • right on! Thank you!

  • eclipse isn't needed unless you want to actually develop the application (which would be awesome!)

    i've heard people say that you need python 2.5.1 for the ableton integration to work properly. i think the java issues are worked out these days? no more extra midi library needed i believe. hopefully it just works. otherwise you might do some forum scouring as your issue has probably been solved a few times in these forums already.

    if that doesn't work post up more details of what you're seeing.

  • Hi everybody.I'm not very good as informatic-man so I hope these questions don't seem too stupid...I'm on OSX, Live 8.1.4, gs 128.
    I'm trying to make Pages works but I have some problems. I follow step by step the tutorial video above but when it's time to open Pages and create a new configuration there's something wrong. I double click on the Jar file (pages-0.1.40.jar) and org.monome.pages.main apears.I choose "new configuration" from File and type "pages" as name but when I press OK nothing happens. No "configuration" or "MIDI" up in the window.So I can't go ahead in the installation. To be honest the first time I've opened Pages I was able to do that and all seems ok but then I had to stop the installation and when I restart my computer the problem is here.
    Can you help me?

  • i've never gotten 1.4 to work, i am using 0.1.38 on OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.4 ... works great on the Mac Pro and the Macbook Pro ...

    also make sure that you have set up your Java Preferences correctly:

    In the general tab of the Java Preferences Application (In the Applications/Utilities folder) in the lower panel make sure you have J2SE5.0 32Bit selected, otherwise pages won't work ...

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