256 care & accessories ?

  • Hey !

    Just received my 256 and just wanted to acknowledge here the amazing seller standing of islandis. Thanks man!

    Well I'm blown away by the beauty of this object, it's just mesmerising me! and I have a few questions here about how you guys take care of your Monome?

    - Are there any pouches for 256?
    - Can you let the 256 lit for a long period of time?
    - What's the life expectancy of the leds?
    - Can you polish the wood with wax or stuff like this so it doesn't get dry and break or crack?
    - How do you clean the buttons / aluminum plate, alcohol or just water?


  • well i usually store mine in the pelican 1490 suggested by tehn and a few others here. it's a great suitcase type protector for it, especially when travelling.

    as for the led's...i also worried about the life expectancy and all that, but i have ghettoblasters (old boomboxes from the 1980's) with original working led's. im sure manufacturers back then didn't choose the best led's for them, and they still last. as for 256, im pretty sure tehn chose the best viable working led's that should last long. and if by chance anything does goes wrong, im sure there are documents on here to help you fix them yourself, or you can even send it in to tehn. (love this damn place =P )

    i have yet to polish my wood, but i was told that using teak oil is the best oil for the wood. don't take this as written in stone as im no carpenter.. if you do a search on the forums, there should be some excellent sources for it.

    and for the buttons, i normally clean them using q-tips and alcohol. and then a little baby powder to soften the feel on the buttons... =p

    hope you enjoy it ;)

  • I have a pelican 1090 on the way for mine, so I'll report back this weekend with photos and thoughts.

  • regarding oil - I've been using lemon oil every few weeks on my walnut and it loves it. from what I read - lemon is a good general, cleaning oil. Teek is great for conditioning it.

  • I have one of those and I am very happy with it:

  • unless something goes wrong, the functional shelf life on an LED should be long enough to not matter.