Simultaneously amplifying eight channels of audio?

  • Looking to power eight mid to small sized cabinets simultaneously. Not looking for extreme amounts of loud, just enough for a small club setting. Anyone have any suggestions for accomplishing this?

    EDIT: I might also add I'm looking for something that's not a pain in the ass to move around. Already dreading the prospect of carting around 4 x 2-channel power amplifiers and a mixer on top of that... But if anyone has an easier solution, let me know!!

  • All full range cabinets?
    Or a combination of subs, mids, and tops?

    If the former, one or two pa amps with low impedance capability should do fine.

    If the latter, it becomes a little more complicated as crossovers would be required.

    Do you already have the cabinets?

    Or do you already have an idea of which you're buying?
    More details would help.
    Do you want stereo or mono?
    What applications will it be used for
    et al
    ad nauseum
    most small clubs/bars run mono from the board out of simplicity, an inexperienced sound guy can make things sound horrible given stereo and no knowledge.

  • wait, so, if you're already toting around 4 x 2-ch power amps, won't those power your speakers? or do you just need 8 audio outs from a soundcard?

    definitely need more details.

  • I don't already have any power amps!
    Looking at my options!

    As I see it now, all cabinets WILL be full range and WILL each be fed a mono channel via a direct out from a mixer. (past tense emphasized because I don't have any of this equipment just yet) So for output...

    (Computer's audio interface -> mixer -> power amp -> speaker) x 8

    Looking to place speaker array in a circular format around performers and audience. So, really, less club and more of an installation application. And pretty simple! But not when attempting to keep gear load to a minimum... Especially when there's a lot of other "stuff" already involved (equipment pertaining to realtime sampling/looping of 8 audio sources, each with their own microphone)

    Thanks all for helping a guy out! ;)

  • will each be fed a unique, independent mono channel? or the same mono channel.

  • Hello, can you tell us what the ohm rating and the RMS watt rating for each of your speaker cabinets will be? Or are you still deciding on speakers also?

  • @mister_nick: a distinct mono channel for every speaker

    @gurulogic: i'm also deciding on the speakers as well. recommendations on those--especially in regards to a multichannel set-up, would be more than welcome!

  • For a multichannel setup in which each speaker is receiving its own mix you may be better off looking at self powered speaker options depending on the output you need per speaker, and budget. Of course your mixer would presumably have to support multiple mix outputs, either through direct outs per channel or ample aux sends.
    Another option for distributing the signals would be a software mixing solution through a low latency sound card.
    What is the budget? What is the size of the area you need to cover and what type of music and impact (volume) are you hoping to accomplish? Is there going to be lots of low frequency content in the music? The more information, the easier it is to make suggestions...

  • I second self-powered if dealing with that many channels.