MLR 2.51++... am i blind?

  • I just got my 256 yesterday and have been trying to find a 256 version of mlr 2.51++. Anyone have one? I know there are 256 version's in 2.27, but i really like the functionality of 2.51++ with the added filters and delay. Its a pain to have to click on all 15 rows to 16 across for every preset page. Also, i know stretta had a version of mlr at one point that had the short cuts for live recording in the top row. That would just be a plus.

  • no diggity?

  • I know there was a version or few going around the comments in the forum, I think if you search for 2.51++ it should show up, I should just posted the link to such a find. Good morning!


    ok now better!

  • Thanks man. I've re-downloaded it a few times and every time i open it, it still only has the first 8 selected for each track. That and the grooveduck2 error still persists. By any chance, could you emial me or post your exact file that you have running on your macbook? I have a unibody too so maybe yours will work.

  • Alright, I solved the grooveduck2 problem with max 4 by downloading max 4 and copying the grooveduck2 example into the mlr folder. I still need to figure out how to make it so that i have 16 rows across at start up( not referring to the 15 rows which are already there at start up). A good example is if you open up the cyst version of mlr, it starts up with the 15 rows down and the 16 across already selected. I was wondering if was an altered version of 2.51++ to offer that.

  • ro just sent me here..

    16 across at startup is a preset issue... you have to go in somewhere and change a few 8s to 16s.. i forget where now.. possibly in ch.mxb. or create a blank preset, open the preset file in a text editor and change a bunch of the 8s to 16s.. be wary of which ones you change though.. ;)