_mlr - elasticx~ +video

  • http://vimeo.com/11458921

    2 samples in various stretched/pitched forms.

    not the best mashing but you get the idea.

    requires the elasticx~ external. (not open sourced)
    from http://www.elasticmax.co.uk/

  • That is very cool.

  • juicy stuff, looks very powerful.

  • It's a shame we have to pay £20 for the max external.

    I'm quite tempted though...

  • I'm all for paying people for their hard effort, I actually brought the elasticx external, well worth it.

    But I wonder if free_elastic would work in this situation…


  • @JP - thanks for that link - that thing looks great!

    I'm working on a live-looping patch at the moment and this will come in super handy.

  • Just quoting one of the comments in JP's link (@earsmack, maybe you should consider what's in the starred section before you use it in your patch):

    "cool patch, but nothing new. Elastic~ is still interesting because it works differently with a different algorithm and will produce better results for smaller deviations from the normal pitch/speed. Plus: this patch **introduces a latency of about 70 ms due to it’s fft nature**. Elastic~ and Mattijs Kneppers’ granular implementation do not have this drawback.

    plus: the makers of elastic~ probably won’t make any money of their object, because they paid a vast amount to be able to use this z-plane algorithm"

  • Mlr has been waiting it's whole life for this. Nicely done sir!

  • @nco - thanks for that tip - i would have found that out sooner or later I suppose - sooner = better :-)

    I'll definitely do a side-by-side and see how they perform.

    EDIT: Watching the elasticx~ vids makes me think that would be the one to go with - not knowing of the performance of the free version but knowing that elasticx~ is an updated and optimized version of elastic~ - and that video is insane - some real power there.

  • I can't seem to get this to work. I load everything up, but when i try to trigger a row, the group light just turns on and nothing happens. Do you just drop the elasticx.mxo in to the mlrelastic folder?

  • put the .mxo in /Max5/Cycling '74/msp-externals/
    i think.

  • If anyone wants some history this was the last mlr elastic discussion…


  • hmm. still no cigar. I put the .mxo in the folder, but i still am not getting any movement in the tracks. Maybe something with the internal dsp settings? I can't even open the dsp options.

  • have you followed the install instructions by opening the help file and filling in your user name and product key?

    the object will be unusable until you do..

    also this version is not perfect yet. i've found you have to click the sample from the menu twice to get the right length loop and it takes a press or two to get the first loop going.

    i'll fix these soon.

    thanks for the comments.

    i've looked into the free elastic object. the fact it didn't have separate inlets for loop start/end put me off. also the mentioned latency.