Summer or 2 months?

  • I went on the waiting list for a Monome 64...and it says I'm 190 in line...and orders will be filled in 2 months or something like that... but another section of the site says Summer. What is a realistic time frame for delivery at this point?

  • we figured out the release schedule for the rest of the year, we'll be posting formal details soon.

  • Awesome, thanks. The queue 180!

  • it has!! i am now 10! yippy

  • mooclow must have got his by now since I am at 170... tehn, will it be placed on the front page or somewhere buried in the community?

    Ok, saw something on the front page...but still confused. It says the first batch of 64s were shipped...onto the second batch. But then also then 200 units scheduled for Oct. If I'm at 170, am I in the second batch or am I waiting until October?

  • october. second batch has already paid.

  • Oh shat!!! Well, at least I'm in line for that one.

  • true.... but that is a very long time.... i are sad.

    i think i would rather be at 170 and be in october than be at 10 and be in october.

    its murder.

  • I'm sure 170 would trade you spots. 10 would ship earlier.

  • Sure would...

  • haha true, but in the grand scale, its only a fraction of the wait time