Ambient, Rhodes-based album out today! Take a listen!

  • Hello,
    I am fairly new to the monome community. I don't even have my 128 Bibo build in a case yet, and I've already made an album with it, my Rhodes piano, my 1968 Rogers Holiday drums, and my ms2000. I hope that some of you will take a listen. Today I put a very big project on the shelf, and called it, ‘done!’ Even though there are bits-n-pieces here and there I could stress over on this album I am extremely glad that I did not do that. I made a conscious decision to let the album live as it willed itself through mine, and Chris Short’s ears as we mixed and mastered it. It is what it is, and it is done! I wrote an insert for the liner notes on the cd (if it ever becomes a physical package), read it below, and download my album here


    I hope that even if you cannot afford the $7 (or more if you desire) price for Rundlyn, that you will at least go take a listen to it and hopefully enjoy it.

    Rundlyn liner notes:

    Hello friends,

    This album is about experiencing life. It is about getting sober mentally and spiritually. It is a statement on the freedom that ensues when you give control over to something greater than yourself (and I DO NOT mean religion). Contained in these songs is fear, hope, love and disappointment. My hope is that you, the listener will sit back, close your eyes, and allow yourself to feel one or all of those emotions as you enjoy Rundlyn.

    I owe thanks that cannot fully be expressed by mere words to: My amazing parents, Robert & Edress Smith, & my brother and sister-in-law, Ryan & Sidonie Smith, & my amazing life partner, Megan Fradley (thanks for sticking it out with me, the best times are yet to come), & the Fradley family, for their love and support, & my friend, Timothy Hegarty (the truest friend I’ve ever known), & to my higher power as I, very limitedly understand Him.

    This album is for, because of, and dedicated to my daughter,

    Harper Rundlyn Smith

    Enjoy and share as you like, these songs I made for you! Life is awesome!


  • beautiful! i didn't have the $7 sadly, but listened to the whole thing while going over my morning analytics reports... and LOVED IT! thanks for sharing

  • Thanks! $7 means far less to me than you saying you enjoyed it!

  • will give a listen this weekend! thanks for sharing.

  • will peep this. i love rhodes!

  • this sounds fantastic. i really like the juxtapositon and contrast between the "real" and "artificial"

    good luck with the release!

  • @ ootni, Thanks! Gonna get it sent out to college/independent radio stations that I've complied a list of soon. Hopefully that will get it some press at least.

  • @jredsmyth: My name is Danielle, & I am the electronic music director at WUML (UMass Lowell's college radio station). I'm actually really glad you posted this, because I was just starting to think that I should start a thread for artists to get in touch with me about their music. I am listening to your album as I type, and so far it is sounding beautiful. Kudos!

    My email is at the bottom, please feel free to get in touch with me! I'd like to get your music in at the station and help you get some airtime/exposure.

    If you're ever in New England, there's always the offer to try and get you in on my show someday to perform, too. But I get ahead of myself.


  • @jredsmyth
    beautiful work dear sir! once i get some money that is long over due, i plan on picking this up right a proper.

  • @Volition thank you so much! I'll send you an email pronto.

    @Active Thank you!

  • Very nice.

    I have been been playing around with some sampled Rhodes' in reason. Makes me want a real one, but maybe I'll be better off settling for a good album featuring one.

    Keep it comin'

  • I'm only two tracks into the album and I like it a lot. Well done!

  • im with AA on this one. i am definitely going to purchase this.

  • @AA , @iamanalog : Thanks again. I am constantly impressed with how supportive this community is. Glad to be a part of it.

    Enjoy my album, tell your friends about it.

  • Oh, wow @iamanalog I found your myspace page and have been listening to all your tracks on repeat. Really digging this stuff. Do you have an album dropping soon, or anything in the works? If so, I will definitely be purchasing that.

  • @jredsmyth

    listened to the whole thing while organizing the studio yesterday. love love love it.

  • @jredsmyth

    thanks so much! not anything in hard copy yet, but i am definitely getting ready on rounding up a few songs and putting it on a disc. i will let you know!

  • Nice! Liked the first two tracks enough to take the plunge. You are now 9 dollars richer sir!

  • @watson thanks! Clean studios are the best.

    @dolza Sweet! Thanks a lot. I hope the next 7 tracks don't disappoint. :/ I trust that they won't.

  • shamelessly bumping my own thread.

  • no shame in that!