HTML5 + Girl Talk

  • Check out this site that breaks down Girl Talk Feed the Animals sample by sample.

  • it would be great to do the same for the monome remix projects

  • @mapmap


    I havent actually listened to Girl Talk before. I've heard the name... Its funky, but I cant say it really grabs me. I'm particularly interested in how this is playing out legally. Based on the interview, it seems like he dosent clear the samples at all... anyone know? It's just such a blatant FU in the traditional copyright world, which I love.

  • Thanks for sharing that link. Before seeing it, if there ever was a sample I was unsure of I would go to his Wikipedia page and try to line up the time stamp on the song along with what samples it said were playing at the time. Really cool to just have the album cover along with artist and track name jump out at you as soon as it drops.

    I dig GT because not only is it crazy danceable, but it makes my brain circuitry fire in all sorts of new ways. I recognize all the current pop music fairly easily and then hearing it super mixed in with the nostalgic old school brings back a flood of long term memories from forever ago causing a sort of all new thought form. Plus it's like a quiz seeing if you can identify all the stuff being heard.

    His live sets are like none other. He doesn't really play songs from albums. He uses lots of the same stems just arranged in a new manner. Not so much a concert as it is a big fat dance party. =)