• I've been sitting here for much of the afternoon stumbling my way through my MCRPv6 Rick Astley remix and having one hell of a good time with just mlr and some serious button mashing. It got me thinking about the huge folder I have on my desktop full of countless monome apps, many of which I have barely scratched the surface of, all of which were provided free of charge by the people who wrote them. Not only that, but every time I've had a problem I post it here and get a prompt and courteous answer. So I just want to say a big thanks to Brian, Kelli and everyone else who has made this community what it is. I've only been involved in earnest since January, but I am addicted to both the devices and the spirit behind them. Bravo.

  • agreed. unfortunatly all life doesn't work the way it does in this community. but it's nice to know that there are still good people around! i give a big thanks!

    i'm also fairly new and have a lot to learn. if it weren't for the vibe here i probably would have given up when i was first learning. but i stuck around, got a 128 and am thankful and loving it.

  • hear, hear! I mostly lurk on this board (crossing my fingers for the starfire GB) but it's easy to see how open and helpful people are here. This is a very rare place :)


  • +1 to all these comment, a very rare place indeed