Monome Kit Calling Home: "The Gnomo Uno"

  • Hello everybody!

    I have made a few vids. of my new controller, the Gnomo Uno.
    It is a monome logic kit, interfaced with another company's square buttons, sitting on top of an electric guitar.

    There's a Flicr gallery here:

    There are plenty of movies here:
    * forum software declines to make above a link, just c/p the url or..

    (just a special page in my new website:, go for the "Mes Videos & Instruments" link)

    this thing got it's nearly finished status last december, but I've been playing out and generally busy; can't wait to see your comments!

    if monomfolk think a project's documentation might be useful I can gladly put up a write-up/tutorial on interfacing to the buttons or installing on guitar or generally butchering around. Keeping with the spirit of the new wiki that is...

    I'll also take this opportunity to extend a very warm thank you note to Tehn, Kid_sputnik and Tone Deft, whose help at critical times kept me sane and healthy and motivated: all of you guys rock! I'll drink to your health soon!

    long live this wonderful community!


    640 x 480 - 40K
    640 x 480 - 67K
  • you get the prize! numerous people have been talking about this, but you actually did it!

    you might consider uploading your videos to vimeo (it must sound like i work for them by now) as their servers are quick and free.

    the silk vest is astounding.

  • That's amazingly amazing.

    I was one of the people that talked about a mon-itar, but changed my mind when i realised how big the buttons on the 40h kit were... curiously, you've solved that problem by using bigger buttons!

    well done,


  • "you get the prize! numerous people have been talking about this, but you actually did it!"

    +1 => i swear i had been keeping that idea under wraps until i got my 4 x (4x4) keypad kit. great've inspired me to actually get going on that project now. hurry up Feb 22nd, jeez! once i build one we can have a monome/guitar solo-off! haha - i can just imagine the chaos of that jam session.

  • whoooo hoo!

    It's really a lot of raw power I have to admit it!
    Yes, one of my favorite benefits of this project is side-stepping the whole faceplate issue.

    Also, it seemed to me that the whole lights+movement aspect of it is so beautiful, I'd want the audience to share my experience in that. Short of placing a camera pointing downward at your mono-station this is the next best thing.

    @ranway7 -
    you'll have a nicer time than me if you're using the new monome 4x4 kits! and yes, let us meet at an international festival or something, and let it rip!!

    I'll be watching what you do with the new kits, as maybe, when the time is right, I should build a Gnomo 2 (base guitar!)

    whooo! I think everyone should be excited, as this is truly an achievement of the community itself. :)

    we are monome, we are friends