is this normal?

  • So this is a goofy thread, but I was wondering if this is normal: This month I bought a 40h kit (farmer giles) built locally loved it so much I decided to buy the gs128 2 weeks later. Now after 2 weeks with my 128 I'm really wanting a 256.

    I can only imagine all the wonderfully music I can create with a 256.

    Don't get me wrong I'm grateful for my two monomes but more buttons is more awesomeness to me...At least my desire for other gear has decreased.
    oh and Farmer Giles.

  • normal? well, if you mean realizing how awesome these devices are, then yes!

  • they truly are awesome and so is the community! oh and the apps! i'm happy to have discovered such an amazing community!

  • My progression was a bit slower:

    1 year of lurking-->gs64 in January-->gs128 last week-->desire for gs256 right now.

  • i thought this was going to be about farmer giles.

  • Giles? Wasn't that Buffy's handler on that Vampire Slayer show?

  • normal is as normal does. enjoy them monomes (and future monomes)

  • Farmer Giles is cockney slang for something that goes wrong with your bottom. Think it through...........

  • it is also about farmer giles just read between the lines.

  • i'm pretty happy with my gs64, and the boxing of my arduinome is happening apace. ghetto 128 ho!

  • i think it's just a natural progression that happens. mine also happened similar but a lot slower. just relax and enjoy it!