FS: Max for Live (US$250), Ableton live 8 + Sampler (US$400)

  • this just isn't getting used like I thought I would use it.
    I'm much more comfortable with max/msp and logic.

    US$877 on the Ableton site
    (upgrading from live lite to these = US$757)

    US$250 - MaxforLive
    US$400 - Ableton + sampler (must sell M4L First or both)

    paypal for purchase
    license transfer through ableton.

    license comes in perfect as new condition :)

    email or whisper
    seandpierce at gmail dot com

    moneys will be going to a monome purchase most likely

  • bUmp

    i guess a lot of people have these already.i think this is a good deal. any feedback welcome..

  • Can you break it up to sell?

    If it were a different time of year, I'd be on some of it.

  • i'm pretty sure it's gotta be all sold together from what i've read in abletons support page.

    could possibly split out the maxforlive. will look into it..

  • Let me know if you can seperate M4L. I've been on the fence, and you may convince me to buy yours.

  • i've emailed ableton about it. should hear back some time in the next day or so.

    if i can i'll be asking $400 for ableton 8 + sampler
    and $250 for maxforlive.

  • buMp

    can sell separate now.

  • still for sale :)

    not accepting low offers i'm afraid. i think these prices are very reasonable

  • i would almost pay you to keep them...
    your max for live devices are fantastic. i'd be so sad if that were the end.

  • ever since you bought elasticx, you haven't been the same stevie, you just haven't been the same!

  • aww you guy's...

    maxforlive is very cool. I love max/msp. ever since I started using it i've been obsessed with it..

    i first started using live mainly because of the looper effect. being a guitarist it's very similar to my akai headrush pedal only you can sync things to it. like a monome.

    i had a gig with my maxforlive stuff and it went pretty bad. live crashed about 8 times while trying to load my set, which only had 1 looper and 1 mlr in 1 audio channel. maybe it was something i was doing but it wasn't pleasant. kinda put me off it more.. could also be the fact that mlr is a max4 app kinda brutally squashed into m4l...

    anyway.. i wouldn't say this is the end. i'll probably come back to m4l at some point. it's just working with it at the moment it feels like i'm stuck in a box compared to max/msp. It also takes me like twice as long to get things done for some reason and i don't even have a lot of time to work on these things at the moment. you may have noticed the lack of updates on anything i've been responsible for.. i hate leaving things unfinished..

    anyanyway no one seems interested at buy perfectly good software at cheaper than normal prices so you may have won this round :)

  • oh and yeah elasticx~ is cool. it's also a pain when your used to working with groove~. does some weird things if you don't automate all sorts of stupid toggling for commands when changing buffer sizes.