4 x 40h Aluminium Faceplates for sale

  • They are lightly brushed, I would recommend light sanding, and using different grade paper depending on the finish you want (polished or brushed effect), and then spray a clear coat on them so they don't tarnish. Or you can get them anodized.

    The back is drilled with 4 holes for the keypad board, they don't go all the way through, so you can tap the holes with a 4x40 tap, or you can drill them right through if you'd rather not tap them.

    The only slight oddity with them is that one corner is radiused (long story), as you can see on the top right corner in the pic, the others are squared, but you can grind the other 3 corners to match if you want to, aluminum is pretty easy to work with.

    The camera sucks, and it warps the lens when up close, so it might look like they aren't perfect square in the pic, but they are, I'll try and get a better camera if anyone needs better pics.


    I'll include flat rate shipping in the price via USPS for anyone in the US.

    Shoot me an email if you want one. I have 4 of them.

    david at summerrainrecordings dot net

  • I'm interested in one. I'm looking at getting my own made, and this would definitely save me some money/trouble.

    But 1/2" thick? Seems a little much to me....the original 40h plates were 1/4 inch, no?

  • That's what happens when you type in a rush....

    They are indeed 1/4 inch thick :-) I'll edit the original post

  • could be interested in 2 could you put up some photo's ?


  • of course, I should receive them in the few days, so I'll post pics and measurements as soon as they arrive.

  • can u make a faceplate 4 256? want one

  • Micke, I might actually have a spare 256 plate, I'll let you know soon.

  • can you make a 128?

  • i would be interested in a 40h faceplate! Cheers

  • Added details to 1st post.

  • I can get all corners rounded if it's a hassle for anyone.

  • I'm interested in one of these

  • @ Auditory Canvas: Sent you an email if these are still avaiable.

  • Defo interested in one of these. Can you drop me pricing please?

    dave dot thompson at cw dot com


  • I want one of these as well, e-mail sent!

  • Do you have any left?
    Hit me up if you have a 40h

  • do you have any of these left?