Almost finished 256! Questions?

  • Ive been at this since about May last year. I just completed the lego case today and Im waiting for my college to get back to me about cutting my faceplate. I have a few questions about it though.

    What clearance would be good for the buttons, at the moment I have about 13mm, which give clearence of about 1/2mm on each side. Would this be enough? What width are the holes in the gs64 and gs128?

    Does anybody know anything about the new logic boards from the kits, I would love to have mine bus powered and only have one board in the case.
    Does the new kit support the current button pad ribbon cables?
    Would the logic board support these LEDs?

    If this is the case I would be selling the four logic boards that I have if anyone is interested?

    Cant wait to get this finished, its been over a year since I bought the first kit and maybe 3 or 4 years of actually wanting to get one!!

    640 x 480 - 74K
  • Sweet looking case- can you explain more about the process? How'd you get that bottom plate and where did you buy the legos? I might be doing the same!

  • I used the lego builder that you can get here

    Taking into account that 1X1 block's dimensions are W 8mm X L 8mm X H 9.6mm, i used the builder to construct the case. The builder has its on built-in ordering system but I found it pretty expensive compared to the pick-a-brick web site. then go to pick a brick

    It takes a bit longer to find all the bricks you need but I ended up saving about €20.
    After that I bought the base on amazon, something like LEGO Creator 628 Xlarge Grey Baseplate. It was about € 15 delivered. The Lego for the case cost about €26 delivered.

    From here I plan to get the faceplate cut by the college which means it would be free but its looking less likely by the day. If not I will probably use these people

    Someone else on the form used them I think. I think it cost him about £50 for his faceplate if I remember correctly.

  • *bump

    Can anybody help with this?

  • The LED's are fine to use. As far as the logic board they are compatible with current board setups so theres no reason they wont. Tehn said more details will be available late this week. Hope this helps

  • I suppose il wait to see the details of the new logic boards.

    Does anybody know if the bibo/sparkfun buttons are compatible with the original logic board from the monome?