45 minutes of multitracked drums for download

  • Yo!
    So, I've had these drum recordings (link at the bottom) hanging around on my external hard drive for 3 years or so now and have never done anything with them. I figured I would bounce the stems from the kit down and post that for whoever wants to use them. WARNING* These aren't all perfectly cut up or even on time or loops or anything similar to that... this is just a 'drum jam' that I think would be great to cut up and loop, play with mlr ect, ect. I may have been drinking when I recorded some of it. Ha! Either way, I listened through it and I'm sure someone will find solid gold in there. They're high quality, 1.5gb wav files.

    Here's the deal, use anything you want from the recording (even me gibber-jabbering in between takes if you feel inclined), and all I want in return is to be credited on the track and it would be great if you'd put a link to my site on your site, http://jredsmyth.bandcamp.com

    That's it. Let me know if you download and use these for anything, I'd love to hear. Oh, and also just for posterity the kit is: 1968 Rogers Holiday shells, 14x22 kick, 16x16 floor tom, and Ludwig, brass snare 8.5x14, and 1970's Zildjian K's. Don't even remember what mics we used. It all sounds really good though. Download, play around, find the good parts, and let me know what you do with it!


    Link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7532624/Smyth%20-%20Raw%20Drum%20Files.zip

  • you know im already on it!

  • Downloading as I type. Thanks!

  • Thank you! ;)

  • Temporarily disabled for generating too much traffic, will return later to download. THANKS FOR SHARING!

  • damn, disabled for me too.

    this sounds really fucking awesome.

    thanks jared!

  • p.s. - does anyone who downloaded want to mirror it? or maybe put up a torrent on a public tracker?

  • +1 for a torrent

  • Damn! I didn't expect it to get shut down for too much traffic. That's awesome/sucks ass. Yeah, if one of you guys has the space to host it or wants to start a torrent I'll upload it for you to play around with. Let me know.


    Edit: it seems to be working right now if a few people want to jump on to download it.

  • Absorbing it now. Massive thanks again. I'll attempt to torrent it too.

    Still digging the album by the way.

  • nice! dolza, if you torrent it, lemme know. if not, i'll handle it.

  • thanks, bookmarking for future reference!

  • Thanks @dolza! Let me know what you do with the drum tracks.

  • I've never actually created a torrent before so bear with me...


    Let me know if it doesn't work.

  • The 'kickasstorrents' tracker doesn't seem to be working (my client shows 'HTTP Error 404' for the tracker), although the DHT does find two peers. The only peer I've connected to has no actual data though.

  • Sorry about that, I'll look into it more tomorrow. Probably won't get time till evening though.

  • The torrent should be properly seeded now if the original link goes out of commission again. As of now though, it's all systems go.

  • can't wait to get this!

  • Yeah, the original link came back to life long enough for me to download it, so people should definitely try that first. I'm seeding it as well now, though, if it comes to that.

    (The torrent tracker is still broken, but DHT still works.)

  • yep still no go on the torrent or the dropbox link...hmmm

    can i add you on dropbox to get the files and maybe try to help in figuring out a way to get it to the masses?

  • @t1mp

    I'm not sure if adding me on dropbox would help... ? Not really sure how it works about things like that. If you wanna try, go for it. I can send invites to specific email addresses though: if you want to be added to that list post your email address if it's not in your profile and I'll add you to that shared folder permissions list.

  • ok the file that i can see on dropbox is damaged, its just the floor toms. on a more positive note, the torrent is downloading, slow, but i will wait till i get that.

  • Now that I actually see some peers, I've bumped my torrent seed's upload bandwidth from ~30KB/s to ~150KB/s, hopefully that will help.

  • floor toms- http://www.sendspace.com/file/46v0hj

  • @t1mp, sorry that link was just the floor tom. Not sure what happened... ? Oh, well. Hope you guys get the torrent working and can get the files and make something bangin with 'em.


  • I just get a connection error message and file not found through vuse.

    Is that because your offline?

    I know nothing of torrents.

  • yes just floor toms, uploading the rest

  • hi hat- http://www.sendspace.com/file/utauoh

  • kick1-http://www.sendspace.com/file/icsepp
    snare2- http://www.sendspace.com/file/tyby3u

    that's all of it

  • Just finished downloading. Thank you Jared! And thanks t1mp for the upload. :-)

  • Awesome! Glad this is out there and available now. Hope somebody finds something awesome in there.

    Thanks for uploading t1mp.


  • this is some good stuff. if anything to be used to make some kits. ima get krakalacking on that. thanks jrad for making these available to us soundies. :)

  • I've mixed down tracks jredsmyth gave us. Maybe some of you who just want to cut loops are interested? I made three versions:

    1. raw - just a bit eq + gates on each track + slight sum compression
    2. dry - almost the same as above, but more... dry :-)
    3. fullflavour - same eqs, but much warmer compression + a little bit of presence added

    I will put samples of each somewhere when I'm back home if you want.

  • @amo

    definately ^_^

  • Okey-doke, it took me 3 days, but anyway, here are the mixdowns (together with 1-minute mp3 samples) if anyone's interested: http://amonome.pl/?p=36

  • thanks downloading now !